Why Do Parents Hate Discord?

Why Do Parents Hate Discord

The Discord application was made for gamers initially. The application is suitable for gamers as it helps them to do more while gaming, like voice chatting.

Unfortunately, many parents have had mixed reactions regarding the use of Discord. While many parents have joined social media platforms like Facebook, parents have not acknowledged Discord and don’t want their children to spend much time on it.

Quick Answer

The reason why parents hate Discord is that it is hard to use on their side. They have access to applications like Facebook, which are easy to use, and they do not need to learn to use Discord. Also, parents hate seeing their children using Discord because of safety. Discord content is hard to regulate, making it easy for children to access adult content.

The guide has outlined why parents hate Discord and explained how children could safely use Discord.

Why Do Parents Hate Discord?

Many teenagers have found Discord to be a suitable application for catching up with friends and gaming, but that is not how parents see it.

Despite Discord being introduced a few years back, most of its users are young adults and teenagers.

So why do parents hate Discord to the extent of restricting their children from using the platform?

Reason #1: Discord is Hard to Use

Many parents have not embraced Discord like Facebook and other social media platforms because they find it hard to use.

The Discord interface can be intimidating, and parents find it boring to spend time learning to use it when they have easy platforms like Facebook at their disposal.

Reason #2: Discord Content is Hard to Moderate

Discord is one platform whose content is hard to moderate.

Because of that, you might find children accessing adult content before it is moderated, which endangers the safety of children.

Discord becomes hard to moderate because it is a real-time application, and although cases of adult content can be reported, it will take time.

Reason #3: It makes It Easy to Communicate with Strangers

Discord is the platform that makes it easy to meet people from all over the world.

That means that your kid can meet a stranger on a server and proceed to communicate in direct messages.

If a stranger has bad intentions with your child, the safety of the children is compromised, which explains why most children are not allowed to have a Discord account.

Reason #4: Easy Access to Pornography Content

Discord operation is based on joining private groups. The existence of private groups has made it easy for criminal activity and child pornography groups to be formed.

Although Discord started the hunt to clean the platform of child pornography, children can still access porn content, contributing to children’s sexual exploitation.

Reason #5: Cyber Bullying

Another reason parents hate Discord and restrict their children from the platform is that cyberbullying is prone. Some bully kids form private groups that share cruel memes and photos of other children, promoting cyberbullying.

When a parent doesn’t want their children to be a victim of cyberbullying, they restrict them from using Discord until they can handle such content.

How Can Children Use Discord Safely?

It is normal to find children asking their parents to allow them access to Discord when they are not yet of the right age.

In such a case, when you don’t want to frustrate your child when his mates are having fun on the platform, you may want to know how your child can use the platform securely.

Let Your Child Know the Importance of Age Limit

Your child needs to know why Discord has an age limit for using the application. They will know their safety comes first before fun when they understand that. Moreover, when a child turns thirteen does not make him an adult.

You must educate your child on all the dangers they will encounter when using Discord and let them know how to deal with it.

Educating your child will prepare them for challenges they may face while using Discord.

Go Through Safety Settings with Your Child

When setting up a Discord account, you should go through the Discord safety settings with your child and ensure you limit who can send direct messages to your child.

Although there are no direct parental controls on Discord, let your child know the importance of not modifying the safety settings to prevent them from seeing adult content.

Check on Your Child’s Discord After a Given Time

It is good to follow up on how your child uses Discord after a few weeks to determine if there is any problem. Your child must be comfortable with you doing this to ensure their safety.


Many parents hate Discord because of safety.

That is why most parents have restricted their children from accessing the platform. If you are looking for how your child can securely use Discord, read this post for guidance.

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