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Why Did My Red Heart Turn Yellow on Snapchat?

Why Did My Red Heart Turn Yellow On Snapchat

You’re probably wondering why your red heart suddenly turned yellow, yet you’ve been communicating with your lead bestie on Snapchat. If you’ve had the red heart for some time, it’s disturbing to see it revert to yellow.

A yellow heart shows you’ve sent each other lots of snaps and chats. The yellow heart turns red if you keep sending each other many chats and snaps and maintain the leading best friends title for two consecutive weeks.

At this rate, Snapchat considers you two as BFFs. If you keep up the best friend’s title for two months, the red heart turns to pink. But there are instances when your red heart turns yellow.

Quick Answer

A technical glitch from Snapchat’s end may cause your red heart to change to yellow. Or, it could be you stopped chatting and snapping consistently with your #1 best friend.

 Is red better than yellow? Why did your red heart turn to yellow?

Stick on to the article. I’m going to decipher Snapchat hearts and why they may revert.

Snapchat’s Hearts

Did you know that you can track your friendship milestones on Snapchat? Snapchat uses emojis such as red hearts, smiling faces, or a hundred emojis to tell users the kind of connection they share with other Snapchat users.

It keeps track of whom you talk to most and gives you awards in the form of hearts. The first heart you earn on Snapchat is the yellow heart.

Yellow Heart (Besties Symbol)

The lead best friend slot is the most desired slot on Snapchat. A yellow heart pops next to your best friend’s username, and they’ll also see a yellow heart on your side. You’ll get a yellow heart if you and another user are each other’s lead best friend and maintain this friendship for some time. 

You can only get one yellow heart at a time. It’s a special heart, and you must consistently send snaps to a specific friend to increase your chances of getting it.

Red Heart (BFF Symbol)

A few Snapchat users manage to get a red heart. If you maintain the yellow heart for two weeks without losing it, it changes to red, and the best friend title changes to BFF (best friend forever).

You can’t have more than one red heart.

Pink Heart (Super BFF)

Two months later, the red heart will turn into two pink hearts. It will happen if you maintain the red heart for two consecutive months. It’s an achievement only a few people get to enjoy on Snapchat.

The hearts are progressive. You’ll have a yellow heart before getting a red one. So, why did your red heart revert to yellow?

Why the Red Heart Turns To Yellow

You must consistently send snaps and texts to your #1 best friend to avoid reverting to a previous heart. If you stop chatting with each other, another person may take over the slot. You’ll go back to being besties instead of BFFs.

The problem could be on Snapchat’s end if you have been talking consistently. There is nothing much you can do if it’s a technical glitch. You’ll have to wait. But keep talking to your friend.

Other Friendship Emojis on Snapchat

Smiling Face 

A smiling face next to a friend’s username shows they are on your best friends list, and you are on their best friends list. Note that Snapchat lets you have 8 best friends. So, a smiling face shows that the friend is on the best friends list but not the lead best friend. 

Grimacing Face

A grimacing face signifies that you share a mutual #1 best friend with the user. The two of you converse a lot with the same person on Snapchat.

Smirking Face

The emoji shows that you’re one of the user’s best friends. However, they don’t appear on your best friend’s list. The user sends you many messages, but you don’t reciprocate the gesture. It’s an awkward friendship.

A Cool Smiley Face with Sunglasses

The emoji shows that you share a best friend.

Baby Face

A baby face emoji name means s friend on Snapchat just became your friend.


A fire emoji indicates that you’ve chatted or snapped with a friend on Snapchat back to back for a few consecutive days. You’ll see a figure next to the emoji. The more you send snaps or chats to each other, the more fire emojis you get.


The hundred emoji will appear once you maintain the back-to-back snapping for 100 days.


If you stop snapping each other back-to-back, an hourglass emoji will replace the fire emoji. It occurs within 24 hours to notify you that your streak is coming to a close end. So, you need to quickly send a snap to keep the Snapstreak emoji before the 24 hours elapse.

Wrapping Up

The cute little symbol makes Snapchat a fun platform. These symbols have different purposes, including tracking friendships on Snapchat. For example, the hearts tell how close you are to someone on Snapchat. You must communicate consistently to maintain the heart or progress to a higher level.


Can I replace a best friend on Snapchat?

You can’t decide who goes to your best friend or #1 best friend list. Snapchat decides who gets on your best friends list. It has algorithms that tell who deserves a red, yellow, or pink heart.

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