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What Does “OML” Mean in Snapchat

What Does &Quot;Oml&Quot; Mean In Snapchat

When was the last time you came across something on social media and had absolutely no idea what it meant? Yeah, we’ve all been there. With the ever-changing list of slang terms and acronyms, keeping up with the latest lingo can be tough. One latest addition is the Sanpchaters’ favorite, “OML.” So, what does “OML” mean on Snapchat?

Short Answer

Simply put, “OML” is short for “Oh my Lord.” It’s often used to express surprise, excitement, or astonishment.

But, like most things on Snapchat, there’s more to “OML” than meets the eye. There are more creative ways to use this term that go beyond its literal meaning.

We will break it down for you- so you can also use “OML” like a pro.

OML For “Oh My Lord”

“OML” is a versatile way of saying “OMG” that most of us are already familiar with.

If you see something outrageous or unbelievable, “OML” may be the perfect way to express your reaction. If there’s something you’re super excited about, “OML” is also a great way to share your enthusiasm.

You can also use “OML” when you’re feeling incredibly grateful. In a nutshell, “OML” is a catch-all phrase you can whip out in almost any situation.

Few Examples of How To Use “OML” on Snapchat

Beyonce is going to be performing in my city?! Wow! – Just add an “OML” and a few more exclamation marks, and it’ll be even more impactful.

Result: OML!I can’t believe Beyonce is coming to my city!

What do you mean we must wait until September for the new season of American Horror Story? – Add a much-needed “OML” and some all caps for extra effect.

Result: OML! What do you mean we have to wait until September for the new season of American horror stories?

I just won free tickets to see my favorite band! – Share your excitement by adding “OML” and maybe a few emojis.

Result: I just won free tickets to see my favorite band!! OML!! :) :)

What did I just see? this meme; it’s hilarious! – “OML” will do the trick to show how surprised you are.

Result: What did I just see?! OML! This meme is hilarious!

OML isn’t just an expression for all cheers and happy moments; it can also be used for more serious situations. For example:

  • Saw something weird on the news – OML. I can’t believe that happened.
  • Want to show your appreciation – OML, thank you so much!

Other Meanings of “OML”

While “OML” is most commonly used as an abbreviation for “Oh my Lord,” there are other ways to use this term on Snapchat.

OML For “Oh My Love”

A term of endearment, “OML,” can also be used to show affection towards someone. Often used as a balance between “I love you” and “love ya.” OML is perfect for showing your SO that you care without being too over the top.

OML For “Only My Luck”

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong does? Yeah, we’ve all been there. If you feel like you’re the unluckiest person alive, “OML” is the perfect way to express your frustration.

OML For Linkin Park’s “One More Light”

“One More Light” is the title of Linkin Park’s seventh studio album, and avid fans have taken to using “OML” as an abbreviation for the album title and song “One more light.” The lead singer Chester Bennington died a few months after the album was released, so the song carries much emotional weight for fans. They often use “OML” while paying tribute to Bennington and the band.


As you can see, “OML” is a pretty handy term in your Snapchatter’s toolkit. So, the next time you want to add some extra oomph to your Snaps, don’t be afraid to try out “OML.” Trust us; your friends will be impressed. After all, knowing the latest slang is essential to being a true Snapchat pro.

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