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How Does Snapchat Determine Best Friends

How Does Snapchat Determine Best Friends

Snapchat has become one of the most widely used social messaging and image-sharing applications.

In many ways, Snapchat is evolving the way we use social platforms.

However, Snapchat’s algorithms and terminology are constantly changing, which can be confusing.

For example, the application now has an entirely new approach to determining your best friends. Furthermore, you cannot even view another user’s best friend list!

So, how does Snapchat determine best friends?

Quick Answer

Snapchat’s algorithm considers your engagements with other users over the course of a few days to two months. Then, it creates an ordered list based on snaps sent between users and user interactions. Furthermore, the users placed first on the list will be your Super BFF with a pink heart!

If you are confused about Snapchat’s new algorithm, keep reading.

In this article, we will discuss all the ways Snapchat uses to determine best friends.

Factors Determining Your Best Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat allows users to distinguish between “friends” and “best friends.” This helps the user to easily access people that are special. While there aren’t official criteria, experts have deduced well-defined generalized criteria for the list.

The algorithm’s framework has evolved over the years. For example, it was relatively simple to determine a best friend on Snapchat in 2017 because all you had to do was snap with a friend for a few days, and you’d be best friends.

Although, now, the application takes into account not only snaps but also your group messages and interaction in general as well. The “type” of multiple best friends in this list is also intriguing.

A yellow heart will appear next to your and your number 1 friend’s names. Also, you both will have the title of “Besties.”

On the other hand, a red heart will appear next to your name and your friend’s name if you snap continuously for two weeks. You both will have the title of “BFF.”

Lastly, a pink heart will appear next to your name and your friend’s name if you constantly snap for two months. Then, you both will have the title of “Super BFF.”

Are Best Friends Mutual on Snapchat?

The assigned emoji to both users will determine this. If a user is your best friend on Snapchat and you want to know if you’re on their best friends list, look at the emoji beside their name.

For instance, if two pink hearts are present beside the user name, the user is your “#1 Best Friend,” and you’re theirs as well.

Can You Have More Than One Best Friend?

Yes, you can have more than one best friend.

For example, the best friend list on Snapchat consists of eight friends.

Can You Have More Than One Best Friend

Who Has Access to Your Closest Friends?

Before the algorithm update, users could see the best friend lists of their users. Unfortunately, since the new update, it is not possible anymore.

The new update has made Snapchat’s best friend list private, useful for some users but not so much for others.

Most people think this is better because they believe others shouldn’t know who they are talking to most of the time.

How To Delete Snapchat Best Friends From the List

At the moment, there is no direct way for users to remove contacts from their best friends list.

However, reducing interactions with your best friends can result in their removal from the list.

Also, you can maximize your interaction with the users you want to be at the top of your best friends list.


Allowing the algorithm to function and adequately, snapping with the users you want to talk to will reveal who your true best friends are on the platform.

Your Snapchat best friends don’t have to be the same as your real-life best friends because a social media application like Snapchat allows you to reach and hang out with people who aren’t always available in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the best friend on the best friend list change?

Yes, if you don’t communicate or send snaps to someone on your Best Friend list, Snapchat will remove that person from your list.

What will happen if you unfriend a Snapchat friend?

If you unfriend someone on Snapchat, their profile will be removed from your friend’s list.

Is Snapchat storing your images?

Once all of your recipients have seen your images, Snapchat deletes them. Snapchat will delete an unopened snap within thirty days.

Can you trace an expired Snapchat?

Snapchat deletes a snap once it expires or after twenty-four hours, or when another user views it. You can also have your stories saved in your memories folder instantly. You can view Snaps posted to public stories for a limited time on Snapchat, but users can delete their stories from public stories.

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