Who Can Find Me on WhatsApp?

Who Can Find Me On Whatsapp

Interactions on WhatsApp keep getting interesting as the company releases more updates.

That’s why we keep seeing our WhatsApp contact lists growing.

So, how do we expand our chat list on WhatsApp? Can anyone find you on WhatsApp? If not, who can find you on WhatsApp?

Quick Answer

WhatsApp ties profiles or accounts to phone numbers. Therefore, finding or chatting with another person on WhatsApp is impossible if you don’t have their phone number. Also, the number should be active on WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t operate on a username system. Therefore, someone who wishes to find you on WhatsApp will need your phone number since they can’t use a username.

There is more to finding people on WhatsApp. Today’s article will address how people can find each other on WhatsApp.

Finding Someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a popular chatting platform. Despite its popularity, Whatsapp doesn’t bombard users with ads like other messaging or social media platforms.

What’s more, it’s a free chat platform. A user only needs an internet connection and a phone number to interact with other WhatsApp users.

You won’t need someone’s username to find and interact with them on Whatsapp. The platform only uses usernames as profile names. The profile name makes it easier for other users to save your WhatsApp contacts on their phones.

You’ll need a phone number to locate someone on WhatsApp. The number should be active on WhatsApp. What’s more, WhatsApp doesn’t have a search feature you can use to search other users’ accounts.

Besides, WhatsApp requires a phone number before anyone accesses its services. Therefore, anyone with your phone number can find and chat with you on WhatsApp.

That means a stranger can locate you if they have the phone number (an active WhatsApp number).

They’ll need to save your number on their phone, refresh their WhatsApp contacts, and search for you by the saved contact name to find you on WhatsApp.

How To  Locate a Person on WhatsApp Using a Phone Number?

You’ll notice that you can’t directly search for someone on WhatsApp despite having their number.

There is no search field to input a phone number to find a WhatsApp account.

But you can find them using these steps.

Android Device

Follow these steps:

  1. Save the person’s contact on your device.Save Contact On Phone
  2. Launch the WhatsApp app on your Android device.Open Whatsapp On Your Phone
  3. Tap the “Chats” tab.Click On Chats Tab
  4. Tap the new chat icon at the bottom right. It’s a green circle encasing a white speech bubble symbol.Tap New Chat Icon
  5. You’ll see a list of your WhatsApp contacts.You'll See A List Of Your Whatsapp Contacts
  6. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.Tap Three Dots In Top Right Corner
  7. Select “Refresh” to update your WhatsApp contacts.Select Refresh
  8. Hit the search button at the top and search for newly added contacts. Input the contact name exactly as you’ve saved on your phone contact list.Hit Search Button And Search For Newly Saved Contact

Ensure WhatsApp has access to your contacts. The “Refresh” button will upload any newly added phone contact to WhatsApp. 

You don’t have to press the “Refresh” button if you’ve already saved the person on your phone’s contact list.

Just scroll through the contacts to view the person’s profile. You can tap the “Invite” button if you can’t find their WhatsApp profile.

iOS Device

Follow these steps:

  1. Add the person to your phone’s contacts.Add The Person To Your Phone's Contacts Iphone
  2. Open WhatsApp on your iOS device.Open Whatsapp On Your Iphone
  3. Tap the new chat button in the top right corner. The button is a blue square with a pencil in the upper right section.Tap The New Chat Button
  4. Scroll through the contact list or search for the contact to view the person’s WhatsApp profile.Tap On The Contact To View Whatsapp Profile

How To Stop Random People from Viewing Your WhatsApp Profile?

Anyone with your phone number (an active WhatsApp contact) can view your profile. But you can stop that from happening. You’ll need to hide or privatize your WhatsApp profile.

Hide it or stop random people from accessing your profile as follows:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile device.Open Whatsapp On Your Phone
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner. (Skip this step for iOS devices)Tap The Three Dots In Top Right Corner
  3. Select “Settings.”Click Settings
  4. Tap the “Privacy” option.Tap Privacy Option
  5. Select “Profile photo.”Click Profile Photo
  6. Select “My Contacts.”Select My Contacts
  7. Go back to the privacy page and select “About.”Click About
  8. Select “My contacts.”Tap My Contacts
  9. Go back and tap on “Status.”Click Status
  10. Select “My contacts.”Choose My Contacts

You can also select nobody if you don’t want anyone to see your WhatsApp profile. WhatsApp also lets users restrict who can add them to groups. Tap groups on the privacy page and select “My Contacts.”

Final Words

WhatsApp requires a phone number before one sets up a WhatsApp profile.

Therefore, one can easily find anyone on WhatsApp provided they have their phone number.

Don’t be astounded to get texts from strangers if you’ve publicly shared your WhatsApp number.

But you can limit their ability to check your profile picture and information.

Limit it through the privacy page in your WhatsApp settings.


Can I locate a person on WhatsApp without a phone number?

No, you cannot. You’ll have to obtain a person’s phone number to find them on WhatsApp. You can get their contact information from a friend. You can also look for phone numbers on their other social media platforms. 

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