How To Stay Awake in Zoom Class

How To Stay Awake In Zoom Class

We can all agree that Zoom classes are less interactive than physical lessons. Hence, many people feel sleepy when attending Zoom classes, affecting their concentration.

If you have the same issue of finding it hard to stay awake in a Zoom class, we have a solution for you. Zoom classes are not the most active classes, but we must find ways of ensuring we don’t sleep during a class session.

Quick Answer

First, ensure you get quality sleep at night and don’t feel sleepy during the day. Also, stay hydrated and position yourself where there is natural light. Caffeine can also help keep you active during Zoom, but don’t overdo it. Consider taking a short nap before the Zoom class or exercising 10 to 15 minutes before the class. Utilize the class break to move around or exercise to keep your body awake.

If you are struggling with staying awake in class, this guide details why this happens while giving different tips to help you stay awake. Read on to find the trick that works for your case.

How To Stay Awake in Zoom Class

Zoom is now the way most activities are conducted, from online classes to meetings. Zoom is a videoconferencing platform available for all devices. When someone schedules a Zoom class, they can share the session link and password for students to attend the Zoom classes.

Unfortunately, Zoom classes are not everyone’s favorite, and they can quickly get boring as they don’t involve much interaction like a classroom session. When the tutor doesn’t find a way to keep everyone awake and active, you will likely feel sleepy throughout the Zoom class. So, how can you avoid this and stay awake in Zoom?

Get Quality Sleep at Night

Sleep is an essential factor for staying focused on Zoom classes. For maximum productivity during the day, ensure you get quality sleep at night. That way, you will be alert during the Zoom classes and won’t feel sleep-deprived.

However, if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will be exhausted during the day, causing you to feel sleepy during Zoom classes.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking cold water during the Zoom class will hydrate and cool your body. Therefore, you will feel cooled and awake to focus during the Zoom class.

Hydrating your body ensures you remain cool and kills unnecessary heat that can make you sleepy.

Be Interactive

You won’t feel sleepy when you interact in the Zoom class. You could participate by asking questions or responding to questions other classmates ask. Moreover, taking notes for the lecture is another way of participating in the Zoom class.

How much you participate in the Zoom class determines how sleepy you will be during the Zoom class.

Exercise Before the Zoom Class

Before your Zoom class starts, try exercising 10 to 15 minutes before the session. You will increase your heart rate and keep your body active.

You can try some pushups, jogging, squats, etc. You can then join the Zoom class, and you will love how active you will feel.

Move Around During Class Breaks

Zoom classes have breaks to kill boredom. During these breaks, move around the room or do simple exercises to warm up your body. Most breaks last five minutes, enough time to warm your body before the next session starts.

Position in a Location With Natural Daylight

Where you sit during the Zoom class can affect your activeness during the Zoom class. If you sit in a place exposing yourself to natural light, your body will warm up and help you stay awake.

Also, avoid laying on the bed during the Zoom class, as that will likely draw you to sleep.

Enjoy Healthy Snacks and Caffeine

Caffeine is a good way of staying awake. However, don’t consume too much caffeine to avoid sleepless nights and getting addicted.

Still, having some snacks to keep you occupied during the Zoom session is a great trick to keep you awake. Just make sure you’ve muted your microphone to avoid distracting others.

Take a Shower Before the Session Starts

It’s best to take a shower before you start your Zoom class. Cleaning up ensures you stay focused and alert during the Zoom class. So, clean up before you join a Zoom class.

Aerate the Room

When in a Zoom session, ensure having enough fresh air in the room by opening the windows. Aerating the room eliminates heat that could otherwise make you feel sleepy.


We understand how staying awake in Zoom classes can be challenging. Luckily, we’ve presented various tricks that you should try to ensure you eliminate the sleepy feeling when attending a Zoom class.

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