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When Did I Join Twitter?

When Did I Join Twitter

Are you curious to know how many years you’ve been using Twitter? Or maybe you are arguing with your friend about who’s the oldest Twitter user and want to know who joined first. Then this article is for you.

There is an easy way of checking someone’s joined date on Twitter, and this guide will take you through the steps.

Quick Answer

To see when you joined Twitter, access your Twitter profile, and the date you joined the platform will be visible.

If you want to know when you joined Twitter or clarify when your friend joined Twitter, this article got your back. We will discuss why knowing when you joined Twitter is important and give two ways of checking the date you joined Twitter.

Should You Know When You Joined Twitter?

Yes, you should.

Knowing when you joined Twitter is a good way of checking your account’s progress in consistency, posts, and followers.

Furthermore, it can tell you how many years you’ve been using Twitter. If you have a friend boasting that they were the first to start using Twitter, knowing when you joined is the proof you need.

Also, you can check someone’s date of joining Twitter to verify their legitimacy on the platform. Twitter doesn’t allow you to change the date you joined Twitter, which is a good way to keep the platform safe and protect users from scammers.

When Did I Join Twitter?

Seeing the date you joined Twitter is easy.

  1. Open your Twitter account and sign in using your details. Open Twitter And Sign In
  2. Click on your Twitter profile at the top. Twitter Profile
  3. On your profile page, you will see the date you joined Twitter below your name. Date You Joined Twitter

Bingo! So, how old are you on Twitter?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tell when someone joined Twitter?

You can start by checking their Twitter profile to see the date displayed. Alternatively, you can use this website to search for the given person based on their username and get the date they joined Twitter.

How can I change the date I joined Twitter?

You can’t. Twitter is strict on Twitter accounts, and fake accounts are easily banned. Therefore, there is no official way of changing the date you joined Twitter.

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