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How To Give Instagram Access to Photos

Are you struggling to provide your Instagram access to photos? If your answer is yes, then let’s figure out a way together to make the Instagram experience more amazing.

Quick Answer

If you want your Instagram to allow access to your photos on Android, head over to the “Settings” app and hit that option saying “Apps.” Now scroll down and select the “Instagram” option. Next, you only have to open the “Permission” section and ensure that the toggle in front of the photos is switched “on”.

To better understand this process, we are here with a quick yet comprehensive guide that will help you enable Instagram to access photos. So, let’s dive into the article and get to know all about it!

How To Allow Instagram To Access Photos

Many Instagram users report the application since they are unable to provide their Instagram with access to the gallery or camera roll. But now you don’t have to do that! Because we have prepared a quick guide for all of you. Let’s find out!

  1. Head over to your applications and find Play Store.
  2. Now, search for “Instagram” in the search bar.
    Image 78
  3. Once you find it, hit the “Install” button in front of it.
    Image 79
  4. After the application is installed successfully, open it.
  5. Now, if you already have an account, you can just enter the credentials.
  6. If you don’t have an account yet or have deleted one due to the inaccessibility of photos, you can create a new Instagram account by going with the sign-up option.
  7. Once your account is created, head over to your profile and try adding a picture.
    Image 80
  8. At this step, Instagram will ask you to access your photos.
  9. Hit that “Allow” option, and it will provide Instagram accessing your camera roll.
    Image 81

What if Instagram didn’t give you the option to allow access to your photos?

Here’s what you can do then:

  1. Head back to the applications and find “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down and find “App Management.”
    Image 77
  3. After entering the app management section, you will find “App Settings.” Click on it.
    Image 76
  4. Here, you can see a lot of applications installed on your mobile.
  5. Now, find “Instagram” among them.
  6. Tap on the “Permissions” to see if you have accidentally denied access to the camera and photos.
    Image 75
  7. Here you can see two sections named “Allowed” and “Access.” Check if the “Camera” or “Photos” is in the denied section.
  8. Tap on the “Camera”.
    Image 74
  9. Now mark it as “Allowed”, and you are done!
    Image 73

When Does Instagram Ask For The Permission To Access Photos?

Primarily, Instagram shows a dialogue box for permission to those who have just started using Instagram. When you download an application, you must have noticed that it asks for your permission before many steps.

Moreover, if your app is previously downloaded, but you have accidentally messed up around some settings, you can still fix it. Try clearing up the cache and data of the application. Now, log in again to your account and try adding pictures. A dialogue box will appear to ask for permission to access photos.

Final Words

Using Instagram is super fun and a perfect way to socialize virtually. However, your socializing can be blocked if Instagram doesn’t have access to your photos. Since you can’t really share your images and everyday activities on Instagram stories, posts, and reels, there’s no fun using Instagram like that.

Therefore, we have come up with the easiest ways for you to allow Instagram access to your photos and camera roll. Hopefully, the steps will help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give Instagram access to the photos on my iPhone?

Simply head over to your iPhone’s settings and now open the “Privacy” section. Scroll down and find “Photos”. Now you can see a toggle under “Instagram.” If the toggle is switched off, swipe it so Instagram can easily access the photos.

Why can’t I allow my Instagram to access photos?

If you can’t access photos, then it means that you have already messed up with a few settings. Another reason can be that you denied it when Instagram first asked you for access permission. If that’s the case, then the access request must be in the denied section of Instagram settings, and you’ll need to change it manually.

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