What To Talk About on FaceTime With a Girl?

What To Talk About On Facetime With A Girl

FaceTime is the default video and audio calling app on iPhones and iPad. Millions worldwide use the app, and you can communicate over mobile data instead of airtime. This convenient plan facilitates longer calls among friends and family. What can you talk about on FaceTime with a girl?

Quick Answer

When speaking with a girl on FaceTime, you can talk about her favorite music, movies, pets, and hobbies. You can also ask where she has traveled to and her take on love and romance. Once this has been established, you can then infuse naughty stories.

This article lists 14 interesting things you can discuss on FaceTime with a girl. This list will enable you to speak longer on various issues and keep the girl engaged for longer.

FaceTime With a Girl

The things you talk about when conversing with guys are very different from when chatting with a girl. This is because different things interest both genders, and it is important to speak about what interests each person.

Also, speaking on FaceTime is slightly different from having a face-to-face conversation. Due to the distance, you need to keep the girl interested.

14 Things To Talk About on FaceTime With a Girl

Keeping the conversation light and free-flowing is important when conversing with a girl. If you genuinely want to know her and keep her talking to you, certain topics will help you break the ice.

Here is a list of 14 things to discuss on FaceTime with a girl.


Music is a universal language that most people enjoy. Start with asking her favorite band and why she loves them. You can tell a lot about someone’s personality from their choice of music. This could lead you to discuss music competitions and musicals. This is a conversation that can keep going for hours.


Speaking about work can be tricky, depending on the girl. You do not want to sound too arrogant if you have a good job.

However, you don’t want to sound defeated if you have a less impressive job. Establish that you enjoy what you do and plan to keep climbing. Move the conversation to her and be interested in what her job entails.


Travel is an engaging conversation that can keep her talking for long periods. You can ask her where she has been and how her experience was.

You can also ask about where she plans to travel to. Does she have any holiday plans? Does she have a picture of a great romantic getaway? This could be a place she has read about or seen in a movie.


Speaking of movies, this is a great conversation starter. Like music, most people today enjoy movies because they create a great communal experience. You can ask her favorite movie or actor of all time. Ask what her favorite genre of movie is.

You can also recommend great trailers for upcoming films or movies on Netflix that she should watch. You can also drop hot takes about the popular movie.


Speaking about politics is a topic that you should approach carefully. You can avoid it, but it always comes up in the end. Ask her opinion about major or run-off elections in your region and hear her thoughts.

You do not have to share yours if they are wildly opposing. You may find that you agree on certain issues, which is excellent.

Love and Romance

Girls love to talk about love and romance, which makes this topic a winner every time. You can start by asking about her love language. This indicates that you care about their feelings and how they like to be treated.

Next, you can ask what the most romantic thing has ever been done to her or if she has ever been in love. This topic may lead to questions about her past relationships, so tread carefully.


This is a great way to know what she is into. People love to talk about what they love, which means she will go on for a while. When the conversation turns to you, speak about what you enjoy doing.

If your hobbies involve a lot of sport, try to speak in a language that she will understand, so that you do not lose her.

Conspiracy Stories

This is a fun and engaging conversation to have with a girl. Conspiracy theories are engaging because everyone has an opinion about them, leading to interesting engagements.

Nobody believes all conspiracy theories, but everyone believes in at least one. Try to keep these conspiracies as light as possible and only go dark when she does. You do not want to come off as a freak.

Social Media Trending Topics

A new topic or person is trending every day on social media. This means a new topic to talk about every single day.

For example, you can spend a while discussing the details of a celebrity’s wins, outfit, or scandal. This helps you to know how she thinks and what she would do if she were in those shoes.

Pets and Animals

Most girls have an affinity for pets, so there is a high chance she has a story to tell. All you have to do is sit back and listen and give cute comments from time to time.

You can also chip in and talk about your childhood pets. You might end up bonding if you love the same animal.

Pet Peeves

This is an exciting topic if appropriately handled. Although many things are bound to come up, try to keep it light.

You do not want to invalidate any of her pet peeves, and neither do you want to go on a rant about what drives you crazy. Remember, this is a friendly FaceTime conversation.

Naughty Stories

Every girl enjoys a good dose of flirting when tastefully done. Before you bring up naughty stories, ensure the girl is relaxed and open enough to discuss them.

Avoid starting the conversation with this, and try to make it as organic as possible. Keep your stories as tasteful as possible, as crude comments may turn a girl off and put an end to your conversation.


This conversation is better when one or both of you are from different cultures. Cultural heritage is a great topic to learn and laugh about because it highlights the humanity in all of us.

This highlights the differences in backgrounds and how you were brought up.

Life & the Universe

This is a great conversation if you find that the girl is particularly interested in topics like this. You can begin by asking what her temperament is, her zodiac sign, and if she believes in zodiac signs. This can lead you to a discussion on life and other existential topics.

In Conclusion

FaceTime is a great and cost-effective way to conversate with a girl. It allows you to have long-form conversations while seeing the face and expressions of the person you’re speaking with.

It is easy to lose track of what to talk about after a while. But, not to worry, this article lists interesting topics that can keep her engaged for a long time.


Can you FaceTime on an Android device?

No. FaceTime is a proprietary video and audio calling app for Apple device users. It is available for iPhone 4 and later.

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