How To Win Cup Pong on iMessage?

How To Win Cup Pong On Imessage

There is a reason the iPhone has kept its edge over other mobile devices.

That’s because it offers users many unique features that deliver better performance than other phones.

With regular and secure updates, appealing design, and exciting apps, you can bet you will get value for your money. 

One of the exclusive features of the device is the Cup Pong game on iMessage.

As an interactive and competitive game, many users have asked how to win Cup Pong on iMessage.

Quick Answer

The cup pong game requires you to successfully throw a ball into one of the arranged cups. To win cup pong on iMessage, aim for the middle cups and the side with more cups. Also, ensure you direct the ball to the cups instead of throwing it randomly.

Consistently playing the game will ensure you are perfect. However, learning more tricks can help you understand and win faster.

Read on to learn the simplest ways you can have fun and win Cup Pong on iMessage.

What Is Cup Pong on iMessage?

The internet world offers a lot of entertainment and distractions for users. When you need a break, the games on your phone are perfect for relaxing your brain.

If you use an iPhone, you might have noticed the series of games on your iMessage.

One of iMessage’s most common games is Cup Pong. It is available on the GamePigeon mobile gaming app – a free add-on you can get from the App Store. 

Cup Pong is an exciting game consisting of two teams of one or more players on either side. 

Your task is to throw a ball into 6 or 10 cups arranged as a triangle on either side. Each player from the team takes turns throwing the ball into the competitor’s cup.

To win Cup Pong, you have to aim carefully and precisely. 

When you successfully throw a ball into a cup, you earn one point, gaining an additional throw. The player who can throw the ball in the most cups wins the game. 

How To Download Cup Pong on iMessage?

First, you need to download GamePigeon. To do this, open any chat on iMessage and tap the App Store icon above your keyboard.

When a window opens, tap the search icon and type “GamePigeon” in the space provided.

Search For Gamepigeon.

Tap the “Install” button. Once you download the game on your iPhone, go back to iMessage chat. Then, tap the GamePigeon icon (A bird face covered with a gaming pad) above the keyboard.

Select The Gamepigeon Icon Above The Chat

Swipe up on top of the GamePigeon tab to view more games. You should see Cup Pong in the second row.

You Should See Cup Pong In The Second Row.

Tap the Cup Pong game, and it will appear as a message. Now, send the message. 

Tap The Cup Pong Game Message

Click the play icon to play the game. The game board consists of a table with 10 cups in a reverse pyramid shape. Start by dragging the ball to choose your trajectory, then let go to throw it.

The player starting the game will take the first turn, throwing the ball to the cups.

Rules of Playing Cup Pong on iMessage

There are specific rules guiding the game. Learn about them below:

  • You must throw the ball inside the cup to earn a point in cup pong. If the ball hits the cup, it is not counted as a score.
  • Each player has only one attempt to throw the ball. However, if they throw the ball into the cup, they get the opportunity to shoot again until they fail.
  • Once you successfully throw the ball inside one of the cups, it’s set aside from others. On the next attempt, the cups are returned to their original position and arranged in a triangle shape.
  • The player who successfully throws the ball in more cups wins the game. The game ends when all the cups are gone.

How To Win in Cup Pong?

Cup Pong is generally easy to play but can sometimes be challenging to win.

Luckily, some proven strategies can improve your chances of winning Cup Pong.

Tip #1: Aim for the Cups in the Centre

One of the best techniques to help you get ahead of your opponent is to aim for the closest cups.

These are usually the cups placed in the middle of the pyramid shape.

This option is perfect because it requires minimum effort.

All you need is to throw the ball in a straight direction, using the white line in the middle of the board as a guide. 

Tip #2: Aim for the Most Cups

Another technique to win cup pong is to aim the ball at the most cups.

Your ball has a high chance of falling into one of the cups.

Once your opponent’s cups start disappearing, it is best to veer the ball toward the area with more cups.

In addition, you should aim for the remaining cups close to each other instead of lobbying for the father ones.

Tip #3: Check Your Trajectory Before Aiming

It is essential to avoid throwing the ball at the cups randomly.

A hack is to use a straight object or a ruler across your screen as your guide.

This will help you predict the direction in which the ball will go.


Cup Pong is an exciting but challenging game.

Playing the game looks easy, but you need some tweaks to increase your chances of winning.

That includes aiming at the cups in the center, the side with more cups, and the closest cups. 

You may also use a straight object to guide your direction when aiming the ball at the cups.

We hope you have fun winning Cup Pong on iMessage.

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