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What To Comment on Your Girlfriends Picture on Instagram?

What To Comment On Your Girlfriends Picture On Instagram

So, you are on Instagram, and your girlfriend has posted this adorable picture of herself, but you don’t know what to comment on, right? Or maybe she loves posting pictures, and you don’t know how best to comment. Well, you are in the right place. We understand how overwhelming it can get commenting on your girlfriend’s picture and know how best to do it.

Quick Answer

What to comment on your girlfriend’s Instagram picture is based on various things. First, it depends on her character and what makes her happy. If she loves those sexy comments, sure, go for it. However, if she loves keeping a low profile and non-sexual comments, then don’t disappoint her. What to comment is based on how well you know your girlfriend.

We will cover the details of whether you should comment on your girlfriend’s picture or not. Also, we will share the best tips for commenting on her posts and highlight the don’ts when commenting. You will love it!

Should You Comment on Your Girlfriend’s Instagram Picture?

How well do you know your girlfriend? Does she love it when you comment or post her on social media? Or maybe she feels like you are interfering with her social media space? While your girlfriend posting her picture on Instagram is fantastic, you shouldn’t rush to comment.

Commenting On Pictures On Instagram

Instead, ask her if she is comfortable with you commenting on her pictures. Trust me, not every girlfriend loves it when their boyfriend is all over their social media life, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side, do you? Also, you need to know her character. It’s not obvious that every girl loves it when you comment on how adorable their body is, even if you are their boyfriend.

Once you have all details in check, you can decide whether you should comment on your girlfriend’s picture on Instagram. If your answer is “Yes,” keep reading the article for tips on how best you should comment.

Tips for Commenting on Your Girlfriend’s Pictures on Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform where people can post their pictures or share other posts, and their audience can view the post, give it a like, and leave a comment. Our target here is to comment and how best we should comment.

Here are the tips on what to comment on your girlfriend’s Instagram pictures.

Compliment Her

Everyone enjoys compliments, especially when they are coming from someone close to your heart. Well, it’s your girlfriend, and some sweet compliments will do her some good. You could comment on her smile, creativity, etc.

An example of such a comment could be, “Your mind drives me crazy just like your beauty,” or “Perfection is an understatement. You are in your lane.” The point is to be creative and make her feel appreciated.

Create a Joke

How about some romantic joke that will leave other people interested in your story? A joke always stands out, and anyone viewing your comment will know who’s the boss.

Try something like, “Hey, I am starting to blame you for my wrinkles; girl, your sweetness keeps me smiling big time!”

Remind Her Something

Your comment needs to stand out; you can remind her of something sweet as you compliment her. You could take about maybe her attire or the place she took the picture from and spark her thoughts.

You can comment something like this, “Ooh, this picture reminds me of the crazy talks and funny moves you made last summer. I miss it.”

Show Her Love

Girls love it when you shower them with love. Actions speak better, but in this case, the comments will do. If you’ve taken your relationship to the next level or want to do so, take the chance and show her some love.

Examples of love comments include, “Seeing your picture reminds me how lucky I am to have you in my life,” “Love is a beautiful thing, and I am lucky that you’ve made me be its subject,” or “You are my marvel hero, and our show has no end.”

Comment on Her Dressing

If your girlfriend loves dressing, make a killer comment about her dressing. Doing so will leave her smiling, and she can’t help but reach out to you.

Consider comments such as, “Who said looks aren’t refreshing because this right here is my lifetime refreshments,” “That outfit looks like it can choke someone to death with its beauty,” or “I’ve never seen anyone owning an outfit like the way you do, you look awesome in the dress!”

Comment on Her Hairstyle

Did she recently change her hairstyle and post a picture about it? Yes? Perfect! So, talk about how the hairstyle fits her and compliments her beauty.

Your hair is a killer!” or “damn, I can’t take my eyes off your hairstyle. It adds the perfect spicing to your beauty.”

Hopefully, by now, you know what you should comment on in your girlfriend’s Instagram picture.

What To Avoid When Commenting on Your Girlfriend’s Picture?

Below are a few things that you should avoid when commenting.

  1. Don’t comment if she is not okay with you commenting on her social media posts.
  2. Don’t sexually harass her, especially if she doesn’t like it talking about her body or commenting sexually on public posts.
  3. Don’t remind her of sad things.
  4. Don’t comment on something she doesn’t love.
  5. Don’t relate your comment or the picture to her ex.
  6. Avoid commenting on all her posts. It can get annoying when you start overdoing it.
  7. Avoid arguing with people in her comments section or taking pride in how you own her.


Most girls love it when you comment on something nice on their posts. When handling your girlfriend, it is a good idea to first understand her before commenting on her picture. Once you do, refer to the tips presented in this guide to craft the best appropriate comments for her Instagram picture. Go ahead and nail it!

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