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What Does the Arm Thing on TikTok Mean?

What Does The Arm Thing On Tiktok Mean

Just when you think you have caught up with the latest TikTok trends, something new and even more interesting pops up, and you’re left confused again.

TikTok is known for its cryptic trends going viral every few months, and the latest trend that has got us wondering is the TikTok arm gesture!

What is the arm thing on TikTok, and what does it mean?

Quick Answer

The arm thing on TikTok is when TikTokers finish off a video by pressing two fingers on their arm as if checking their pulse. It does not make any sense to the layman, but it has some meaning to people on the internet. Some say you are showing your ‘true self’ or speaking the truth, while others think it’s a basketball reference. 

It’s hard to stay updated with new TikTok trends that break the internet, blessing our daily timelines. But once a trend catches Gen Z’s eye, it spreads like wildfire! This article will explain what the hand-on-arm trend means and its origins. You’ll be caught up in no time!

What Is the Arm Thing on TikTok?

Arm Thing On Tiktok

A new TikTok pose has recently gone viral on all our feeds — the arm thing.

This trend involves placing your index and middle finger on your arm and looking straight into the screen while an explanation text appears on the screen. 

The background music chosen for this trend is “Hayloft” by Mother Mother. Users following this trend don’t lip-sync or feature anyone talking in these videos, just the text. 

The gesture is not just a silly dance move or a meaningless pose – it clearly means something. 

For context, people on TikTok have been using this trend to expose themselves.

The explanation text on the screen usually gives away personal information about the person making the video or things about their lives that nobody knows, including embarrassing personal confessions.  

In this one TikTok posted by the user Zena Shurrab, she talks about “walking around with a god complex all day” in the first clip.

Cut to the second clip, where she places her fingers on her arm and captions the video revealing her inferiority complex.

The arm gesture is used in this video to reveal the true nature of the TikToker, a truth about her that many would not know. 

Now that we know what the arm thing on TikTok is and what context it’s being used in let’s talk about what it means!

What’s the Meaning Behind the Arm Thing on TikTok?

The arm gesture on TikTok is made alongside making a revelation to the viewers, suggesting that someone is telling the absolute truth about themselves. 

When it comes down to it, the gesture means that the person making the video is completely honest with their followers and sharing intense personal details. 

So why does this gesture mimic checking your pulse? There are countless explanations surrounding this, and it comes down to who you ask.

Still, it’s been popularly suggested that it could be because your heart rate would increase while telling someone the truth or revealing personal information about yourself.

This pose is part of a more significant trend known as the “built different trend,” where people reveal specific characteristics about themselves that make them different from other people.

But the gesture has since grown and is used to make fun of personal situations or things people deal with daily. 

It’s a light-hearted way of showing your true self to your followers, sometimes even by some exaggeration. But that’s what most of these TikTok trends are – exaggerated, ironic, and entertaining!

Where Did The Arm Thing Originate From?

The pose initially evolved from a basketball celebration called “ice in the veins,” made by NBA star D’Angelo Russell when he tapped his forearm in an identical gesture after scoring a clutch shot against the Brooklyn Nets.

In basketball, it means someone has nerves of steel. In other words, they are ice blooded and cool-headed. 

That’s not exactly what the gesture means on TikTok now, but does anything on TikTok make sense? You have to go along with it and enjoy the ride!


This bizarre new TikTok trend might go over most users’ heads, but we must admit, the content this brings to our timelines is hilarious!

These trends usually have an unclear meaning, but that’s not stopping them from gaining massive popularity.

So, don’t overthink its purpose, ‘it’s not that deep,’ as Gen Z likes to say!


Who started the Sheesh trend?

The fingers-on-arm trend on TikTok, also known as the ‘Sheesh’ pose, evolved from the NBA player D’Angelo Russell when he made the gesture in a moment of celebration. 

What does the word Sheesh mean?

Sheesh is a word that is used to show exasperation or disbelief. It has been used as a substitute for harsher language and curses.

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