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What Is “TIFU” on Reddit?

What Is Tifu On Reddit

Reddit is a popular platform for having many acronyms denoting different situations.

If you are new to the platform, you may be lost wondering what a particular acronym means or how you should respond to such a term.

“TIFU” is a common term found on the r/TIFU subreddit. If you don’t know what the acronym means or how you can use it, read this post!

Quick Answer

“TIFU” stands for “Today I F*cked up”. The slang term is widespread on Reddit and has a subreddit on the platform with many followers who share embarrassing stories. “TIFU” is mainly used before a sentence, and whenever it is used, it means the sentence that follows illustrates the narrator did something embarrassing.

Seeing a lot of “TIFU” being used on Reddit can be discouraging, and you don’t understand what they mean. That is why this guide has explained what “TIFU” is on Reddit, its history, and how you can use it effectively.

What is “TIFU” On Reddit?

“TIFU” is an acronym that stands for “Today I F*cked Up” on Reddit. On Reddit, the acronym is used before a sentence to indicate that the person did something wrong or embarrassing without his knowledge. TIFU is used primarily to denote bad luck or poor decision-making that happened accidentally.

When you want to share funny or bad stories that happened to you, you can use TIFU before starting your story. Most people tell such stories for laughs, which is common on the TIFU subreddit, where you can find millions of stories with many votes.

What is the History of “TIFU”?

Many acronyms get their emergence in chatrooms but not the TIFU term.

TIFU was first seen on Reddit in 2012 when the r/TIFU subreddit was formed. The community was formed to offer a platform where users can share funny and embarrassing stories freely.

Since 2012, the subreddit has grown to one of the largest communities on Reddit, with more than seventeen million subscribers.

In the community, the most exciting tales have garnered many votes indicating how active Redditors are regarding such stories. Since the term became popular, it has been used on other platforms outside Reddit, but whenever used, it denotes embarrassing or funny things that happened due to bad decision-making.

How To Use TIFU On Reddit

If you want to use TIFU on Reddit or another platform, use it before you start a sentence. Usually, the acronym is written in capital letters, but you can still use it in small letters when using it on a text.

When you want to tell your friends about something you have been doing wrong without realizing it, you can start with the TIFU acronym. Anything embarrassing that has happened due to not knowing or realizing fits to be told with TIFU.

But, when using the acronym, ensure it is the precursor of the story you want to tell. Also, the acronym is casual and should never be used in formal situations.

What Makes a Good TIFU Story?

You may wish to share something on Reddit using TIFU but are unsure if the story will fit on the subreddit.

Most stories that have got many votes in the TIFU subreddit follow the following patterns:

  • A thing you have been doing in the wrong way for a long time without realizing.
  • Something that damages romantic or family relationships without having such intentions.
  • You do something with goodwill, only to fall into a tricky situation.

If you have an experience that fits in any of the patterns, it will make a good TIFU story.


Reddit has become a great platform to network and find exciting subreddit communities that can offer you much information.

If you are wondering what TIFU on Reddit is, read this post. It has explained the history of TIFU and enlightened how you can use the term on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “TIFU” on Reddit?

“TIFU” is an acronym that means “Today I F*cked Up”. The acronym first emerged on Reddit when the r/TIFU subreddit community was created to offer a platform where users can share stories that are embarrassing and happen due to poor decision-making.

When can I use “TIFU” on Reddit?

“TIFU” is an appropriate word when you wish to tell your friends something funny or embarrassing. There is no limit to when you can use it, but ensure it is used as a precursor to an embarrassing statement.

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