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What Is the Most Upvoted Post on Reddit

What Is The Most Upvoted Post On Reddit

Reddit is one of the most interesting online discussion forums where users can have conversations on almost everything on earth (whatever intrigues them!). Here on Reddit, people engage in many ways — from commenting on posts to sharing news, stories, and events.

Reddit is also the breeding ground for most famous memes (which eventually end up on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). The relatability of this platform makes it fall in 19th position on the world’s most visited website.

Quick Answer

“Times Square Right now” is the most upvoted post on Reddit, with more than 460,000 upvotes. The post contains a video of a digital ad on a billboard on Times Square.

So, if you want to know more about the most upvoted post on Reddit, don’t worry! We got it covered for you. Keep reading if you want to know some exciting stuff we have stored for you!

The Most Upvoted Post on Reddit

I am sure most of you may have thought that some funny meme must be the most upvoted post on Reddit. Tbh! I thought the same. I watched so many Reddit memes on PewDiePie’s channel, so I had always associated Reddit with memes. In case anyone of you who does not know PewDiePie, well! He is the world’s biggest YouTuber, Period! The facts, on the contrary, suggest otherwise.

The “Times Square Right now” post on Reddit is the most upvoted post. It became such a sensation in 2021 and continues to do the same in 2022 too. The story behind this post is even more intriguing (don’t fret, we will discuss that in a bit for you).

It would be no exaggeration to say that the back-story of the famous “Times Square Right now” is Hollywood-worthy. If not, then you Hollywood peeps are missing a big time!

What Is Upvoting on Reddit

Through the upvote process, user’s on Reddit can show their support (even approval) on a particular post. The post with more upvotes than others automatically moves on top of the Reddit site. Upvote is a bigger and more supportive version of the usual “like” option on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. The “like” option only shows your approval of some content, while upvote shows your full-fledged support for the content and your contribution to making the subject spread more. Plus, upvote options keep the identity of the user anonymous.

Times Square Right Now — The Most Upvoted Post on Reddit So Far

Gamestop's Stock Price On Marhetwatch

The post came from user — SomeGuyInDeutschland on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets on January 30, 2021. It has the most upvotes (more than 460,000 upvotes that are above any other post on Reddit).

The post consists of a video of a digital ad that ran for an hour on the billboard at Times Square. Matei Psatta created this digital billboard, saying, “$GME GO BRRR.” 

Click on the link to check the post out!

$GME refers to GameStop’s symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. On the other hand, BRRR is a common meme that is the sound of money-making machines. So, the idea was to buy GameStop stocks and not sell them as they would make money — just hold tight!

It is interesting to note that GameStop is not some big flashy company. It is just an electronic retailer of electronic items, video games, and other gaming merchandise. The company was on the threshold of bankruptcy, thanks to hedge fund managers. 

The idea behind the ad was to support GameStop’s stock. The amateur investors on WallStreetBets wanted to show their confidence and refused to back down from their investment easily. The results of this entire campaign were even more astounding. The share price of this small retailer surged from a mere $2.57 per share to more than $400 per share. All this happened due to the efforts of all the warriors on WallStreetBets.

It is worth noting that WallStreetBets is not just a usual small and fun chat forum. It is a forum on Reddit with more than six million followers with considerable buying strength.

The post continues to inspire many, as can be manifested by the number of people showing their support for the post. The soar in the prices of GameStop shows the power of the community at Reddit to drive such astronomical success for a dying company.

How WallStreetBets Soared GameStop Stock Price?

The amateur investors at WallStreetBets prevented the hedge funds back in early 2021 from benefiting from short-selling shares of GameStop and further plummeting the prices. The amateur investor conducted a complete social media campaign, including the aforementioned digital ad on Times Square. They urged other investors to keep purchasing GameStop shares. This resulted in the price surge of GameStop stock, which consequently; beat hedge funds in their dirty tactics of short-selling and capitalizing on the misfortunes of others.

Second And Third Most Upvoted Posts on Reddit


Here are some other most upvoted posts on Reddit:

The Final Roundup 

In the article, we discussed the most upvoted post on Reddit of all time. For all we know, currently, the “Times Square Right Now” is the most upvoted post on Reddit. Since nothing is certain in the internet world, hence we cannot for sure say how long the post will continue to hold its position in the future.

We discussed how a chat form of some amateur investors with influence made veteran hedge funds run for their money. The entire saga of the GamePost stock price surge shows any platform can influence any ‘Bigshot’ if the community together works to stand for what they believe.

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