What Is Keyword in YouTube?

What Is Keyword In Youtube

As the second largest search engine, YouTube offers every business and brand room to use its video marketing space to reach a broader market.

When creating YouTube videos, how well you optimize them impacts the video’s success. There is lots of competition on YouTube, but with the proper keyword research, you will have an easier time ranking your content.

Quick Answer

YouTube’s algorithm relies on optimized content to rank and display a video. Users will enter different queries, and videos matching the query will be displayed based on the search. Keyword research entails knowing what people search for regarding the target niche. That way, you can include the keywords in your title, thumbnail, description, tags, etc., to increase your video’s visibility.

We begin the post by understanding what keyword research means on YouTube and why you need it. Further, we will discuss where you can utilize keyword research to enhance your video’s performance when posting it. Read on!

What Is Keyword on YouTube?

When you want to create YouTube content, researching the essential details, such as what videos people love watching in a given niche, is ideal. The results will guide you on what angle to take to ensure you create catchy videos that earn more views.

Regarding YouTube, keyword research is a process that involves identifying what people search on YouTube. You aim to know what phrases are mainly used and what topics people search for the most on YouTube.

YouTube keyword research aims to get information about competitiveness, people’s questions, related keywords, and monthly search volume.

The angle you take when conducting keyword research must align with your channel. You must know what terms or phrases define and represent your channel. You should know what your channel is about and what keywords can be associated with it to increase its visibility in response to a user’s search.

A YouTube channel contains different elements, including the description. Hence, when you identify the keywords that fit your channel, you should include them in the description and as tags. Whenever a user makes a query that aligns with your channel’s keywords, the YouTube algorithm will likely show your channel in the search results.

Why Use Keywords on YouTube?

YouTube is a very competitive platform with thousand of content being uploaded daily. You must know how to utilize keywords to increase your video’s visibility and engagement. Ideally, the YouTube algorithm will match videos based on the user search query.

Hence, when you include keywords in your video and channel, YouTube will quickly display your content or channel as a search result. Keywords aim to increase a video’s visibility. You will get more views and engagement as people can easily find your video when searching for different content.

Again, if you have a competitor in the same category, keyword research will help you increase your market reach. Thanks to keyword research, you will get more returns when you pitch the right target audience.

Where To Utilize Keywords on YouTube?

Here are the various sections where you can add the keywords.

In YouTube Video Titles

When uploading a YouTube video, ensure you add keywords to your titles. The titles should match what users search for on YouTube.

Moreover, include a thumbnail that also matches the keywords. Your title should contain 60n characters; tune it to align with the relevant keywords.

In Video Descriptions

Each YouTube video has a section where you add its description. The first two lines should include the keywords relevant to the video, your channel, and the target audience.

In Channel Descriptions

The “About” page is your channel description section. Here, add keywords that represent your channel and its niche. YouTube will know how best to rank your channel based on the keywords.

In Channel and Video Tags

Your channel and the videos you post offer room for tags. The tags you include should align with the keywords to enhance your channel and video’s visibility and relevance.


Keywords are crucial for any YouTube content creator. This post guides you on understanding keywords on YouTube and how best you should utilize them to enhance your channel and video’s visibility.

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