How To Beat YouTube Algorithm

How To Beat Youtube Algorithm

Are you looking to get the best out of YouTube? Do you want to get more views for your YouTube content? Are you struggling with getting YouTube views? If all these questions feel like they target your current situation, you are lucky.

Our focus today is on how best to beat the YouTube algorithm to ensure you get more views and that the YouTube algorithm will rank your videos.

Quick Answer

The YouTube algorithm ranks videos based on relevance, engagement, user watch history, watch time, similar content, etc. Thus, if you want to beat the algorithm, you must create relevant and engaging content. Moreover, you must optimize your titles and descriptions and add hashtags. Still, perform keyword research to know what viewers are searching for. Additionally, be consistent, authoritative, use thumbnails, work on improving user experience, etc.

This post teaches you how the YouTube algorithm works. We will see the approaches to take when you want to beat the YouTube algorithm to ensure you remain relevant and get more views to grow your brand.

How Does YouTube Rank Videos?

When you upload content on YouTube, one goal is to ensure you get viewers for your video to earn through ads and other monetization strategies. Moreover, you also want your video to appear in the search results to reach the target audience.

So, how does YouTube determine what videos to suggest to people, display in the search results, or show on the homepage? YouTube relies on an algorithm to help in knowing how to rank the millions of videos from different content creators.

YouTube focuses on giving its users a worthy experience. To do so, its algorithm majors on a few criteria.


When someone makes a search query on YouTube, the videos that appear in the search results are based on how relevant they are to the search query.

If your video’s title, descriptions, content, tags, etc., match the given search query, it will appear in the search results.


Your video’s content must be authoritative if you want it to be ranked and suggested by YouTube. You earn more trust when you upload quality content, and your video will be suggested to more viewers.


The level of engagement your video gets matters. Engagement includes likes, views, watch time, shares, comments, etc. The more engagement a video gets, the easier it gets to rank in search results and on the YouTube homepage.

Similar Content

Based on the user’s search history, YouTube will suggest to them similar content. YouTube creates an algorithm to understand a user’s search history, what videos they engage with etc.

That way, it can increase the user’s experience when using YouTube.

How To Beat YouTube Algorithm

The below tips will help you beat the YouTube algorithm.

Focus on Creating Engaging Content

Relevance is the key to succeeding on YouTube. For each video that you create, ensure it is relevant. The video should meet users’ expectations and add value to their time.

When you create engaging content, viewers will easily engage with your content. The more engagements you get, the more your video will rank.

Optimize Your Videos

When uploading your video, ensure you include relevant and optimized titles, descriptions, and tags and that the content is based on keyword research. Still, add a thumbnail and transcript to enhance the video’s SEO.

Use Relevant Tags

When adding tags to your video, check the trending videos in your niche. Keyword research will help you with that. Once you get the optimized and relevant tags, include them to boost your video’s visibility.

Create Unique Content

Be unique in the content you create. Viewers love when they interact with unique and authoritative content. That way, YouTube will easily suggest your videos to other viewers.

Be Consistent

How often and when you upload the videos matter. Viewers will know when to expect your next video when you are consistent. That way, they will have an easy time interacting with your content.


How to beat YouTube’s algorithm will depend on the tactics you use. We’ve understood the YouTube algorithm and given the different ways you can beat it.

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