What Is Instant Premiere on YouTube?

What Is Instant Premiere On Youtube

You must have seen the option for instant premieres when uploading content on YouTube. Creators can select which publishing option to use.

This post will guide you if you want to understand what instant premiere means. There is more to YouTube instant premiere and why people use it. So, read on and learn more about it!

Quick Answer

When you want to give your viewers a TV-like experience, you can use the instant premiere. An instant premiere is where you upload your content with a short-premiere schedule period. After the countdown ends, your content will get uploaded, and you can interact with the viewers through live chats as you watch the video. The instant premiere lets your video go live instantly and lets you chat with the audience while the premiere is still active.

We will cover what YouTube instant premiere is. We will understand how premieres work on YouTube and the steps to create an instant premiere when uploading a YouTube video. Let’s dig in!

What Does YouTube Premiere Means?

When you have a YouTube channel, uploading videos is necessary to engage with your viewers and grow your channel. When uploading YouTube videos, there are four main options for publishing the video.

You can choose to upload it immediately or upload it immediately but with an instant premiere. Alternatively, you can schedule when to upload the video or add a premiere while scheduling to upload the video later.

YouTube premieres refer to a YouTube video uploading option that lets you watch and experience the video with your viewers.

You can engage in a live chat session to interact with viewers, and the live chat will end once the premiere ends. Others who access your video will interact with it after it has been uploaded and can comment and engage with it.

What Is Instant Premiere on YouTube?

When you want to upload YouTube videos on YouTube, you can select the instant premiere option. The instant premiere option on YouTube is where you upload videos with a premiere option. Thus, the video will have a short countdown of about 2 minutes before it starts premiering.

The premiere will last to match the uploaded video length. For instance, if your video is 20 minutes, the instant premiere will run for the next 20 minutes. During this duration, you can watch the video with your viewers and interact with them via live chat.

The instant premiere doesn’t involve scheduling when to upload the video. The upload will be immediate only if it contains a premiere. The instant premiere feels like you are watching a TV show with your viewers, and when the premiere ends, it will be available for anyone to watch as an uploaded video.

Viewers will see the premiere video and can join it to watch from the current timeframe or return to the start, provided the premiere is still active. If you find the premiere has ended, the video will appear like a normal uploaded YouTube video.

How To Instant Premiere on YouTube

Do you want to immediately upload a YouTube video and include an instant premiere to engage with the viewers? Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Open YouTube and navigate to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click the “Create” button at the top.
  3. Click the “Upload videos” button.
  4. Select the video you want to upload from your device.
  5. Click the “Save” or “Publish” button.
  6. Click on “Public” to make the video publicly available.
  7. Locate the “Set as instant Premiere” option and click on it.
  8. Once the video completes processing, click on “Done.”

Your instant premiere will start, and viewers can begin interacting with your video. You will see the number of viewers watching the video, and you can interact with them in the live chat section.


YouTube instant premiere is where you upload a YouTube video and premiere it instantly to interact with the viewers after the video completes processing.

You can access the live chat section to interact with the live viewers during the premiere. Once the premiere ends, the video will be available for other late viewers to access it.

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