How To Make a Twitch Bot

How To Make A Twitch Bot

Managing the chats while streaming can be difficult for a Twitch streamer. However, you can utilize a bot, such as a chatbot, to assist you with that. You can find numerous bots online and utilize them with your Twitch channel.

However, these bots don’t come with your customization preference. Thus, knowing how to make a Twitch bot is handy.

Quick Answer

To create a Twitch bot, you must have some programming skills to handle the coding part. Select the web programming language you will use, such as Node.js, and select what WebSocket package to use. Obtain the Bot OAuth key and open your code editor. Use your coding skills to configure how the bot should operate. After connecting the bot with your Twitch account and coding it, test it to verify it works as expected.

We will understand what a bot is and the benefits you can get from it when you create one for Twitch. Still, we will understand what a Twitch API is. Moreover, we will discuss how you can create a Twitch bot.

What Is a Twitch Bot and Its Benefits?

As an online streaming platform, Twitch offers numerous opportunities, including acting as a source of income. When you create a Twitch channel, you will gradually get an audience and start streaming. To grow your Twitch channel, you must keep in touch with your followers in the chat section.

You can automate responding to chats by creating a chatbot that will handle the responses. Twitch offers an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) interface to allow people to connect chatbots to their Twitch channels. The connection is made via the WebSocket. After establishing the connection, the bot can send and receive chats in your channel.

 Having a Twitch bot offers numerous benefits. The common ones include the following.

  • Automating repeated tasks, such as sending welcome messages and reminders.
  • Keeping your followers engaged when streaming.
  • Responding on your behalf to user queries.
  • The bot can always remain online to ensure your users don’t fail to reach out.
  • Running a bot is cheap.
  • It’s a way of keeping your streaming professional and goes a long way in helping your channel to grow.

There are different Twitch bots that you can search for and find online. However, these bots are not customized for your case. Thus, although you might get the bot, even for free, it won’t suit your need.

However, if you know how and have the required skills, you can create a Twitch bot and customize it to your preference.

Things You Need Before Making Twitch Bot

Creating a Twitch bot is not straightforward. However, it’s possible. There are three main prerequisites you need to achieve the task.

Web Programming Language

To program the bot, you need a web language. The most ideal to use is Node.js. Install it on your computer and get comfortable with using it. You can find installation steps for your device online.

WebSocket Package

To complete creating your Twitch bot and connecting it with Twitch, you must have a WebSocket package that you will use. If working with Noe.js, install the tmi1.js WebSocket.

Programming Tools and Skills

To work with Node.js, for instance, you must be experienced with the language and understand how you can use it to code your bot. Moreover, you need a programming environment where you will install the tools and have your IDE code the bot.

How To Make a Twitch Bot

With the above three prerequisites, let’s detail a general overview of how to make a Twitch bot. Follow the below steps.

Step #1: Create a Twitch Account

You can’t create a Twitch bot if you don’t have a channel where you will connect the bot. So, if you don’t have your Twitch account, visit the Twitch website and sign up for a new Twitch account.

Once your account gets created, create a demo stream to check that everything is okay.

Step #2: Obtain the Bot OAuth Key

Generate a bot OAuth key that will be used in authentication to confirm ownership of the bot you want to create.

Visit a website like Twitch Token Generator and generator the key. Ensure to keep it safe to avoid unauthorized access to your bot.

Step #3: Create the Bot

Create the project directory and files using the installed Node.js and the WebSocket. Code the bot to meet your needs and link it with your generated OAuth key.

Step #4: Test the Bot

Once you complete the coding part, test the bot by running the “npm run start” command. You can create a demo stream and confirm that the bot can respond to chats.


When you have the required skills, you can create a Twitch bot to serve your needs in your Twitch channel. This post presents everything you should understand regarding creating a Twitch bot. Follow along and try it out!

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