What Does “WSG” Mean on Discord?

What Does &Quot;Wsg&Quot; Mean On Discord

Ever come across the term ‘WSG’ on Discord and wondered what it means? Having a few slang expressions or abbreviations fly over your head while chatting on Discord can be somewhat embarrassing.

However, you have nothing to worry about because you are about to know what the term “wsg” means.

QUick Answer

The term “wsg” on Discord stands for “What’s good?” This is a casual way of saying, “How’re you?” or “What’s up?” These are common phrases or terms used among friends chatting on Discord. The term is usually texted in lowercase letters during normal use on the platform.

But do you even know how to respond when someone on Discord texts you, “wsg?” We will explain how to use this term and how you should respond.

Discord Abbreviations

Abbreviations are shortened or short-hand forms of popular phrases, statements, or words used while texting on digital group communication platforms like Discord. They make for seamless and enjoyable communication among friends bandying about the day or week.

Abbreviations used on Discord and other chat-based platforms are categorized under textspeak. Textspeak refers to the common phrases and statements used substantially online. Getting familiar with them will determine whether or not you enjoy or understand conversations in a chat room on Discord.

Most Discord users prefer abbreviated typing to avoid long texts. Moreover, typing acronyms helps save character length and allows the user to type more blocks of text in a single message.

For instance, when referring to a server or game on Discord, abbreviations are the most popular or best ways to mention them within the community. Some servers and games – such as League of Legends, etc. – have long words or names often used as keywords. Abbreviating them helps make the keywords more recognizable.

What IS Discord Built For?

Discord is built to efficiently create and manage public and private communities. The platform gives users access to tools focused on communication services like video and voice calls, unforgettable chat rooms, and integration with third-party gamer-focused services, including the ability to send and receive direct messages.

What ‘Wsg’ Means on Discord

‘WSG’ – often sent as ‘wsg’ – i.e., in lowercase letters, means ‘What’s good’ or ‘What’s up?’

Friends and those meeting for the first time – in some cases – send the abbreviations to get to know or ask how someone is doing. You can send ‘wsg’ with a question mark on its own on Discord.

You may also send the abbreviation alongside a full-fledged question. For instance, you can send these: “Wsg? How was today’s shift at work?” or “Wsg! Hey, hope your day went well!” etc. The questions help clarify your intentions, especially when chatting with a new friend.

You can also send the abbreviation ‘wsg’ as a flirty and smooth way of reaching out to a crush on Discord. It is an excellent way of ‘taking your crush’s temperature,’ i.e., figuring out whether or not they are interested.

Therefore, when you come across words such as: “Wsg, hun? Should we link up tonight at the circus?” or “Wsg, cutie! You look lovely in that display picture on WhatsApp!”

“Wsg” Abbreviations

There are up to 155 definitions of the term “wsg” in 7 unique categories. The possible meanings of the abbreviation, slang, or acronym vary from one category to the other.

How Should I Respond to “Wsg?”

If a Discord user texts you “wsg?” on the platform, the person may only be interested in your well-being. Therefore, respond to this question by telling that person how well you’re doing or how you are.

You may reply to “wsg” by saying something like: “Not a lot, mate. What’s up with you? Hope you’re good, too?” Another response to “wsg”: “Nothing much, really. Just got back from a trip, and I’m bleeping exhausted.”

Other Popular Abbreviations Used on Discord

Discord users also make use of many other abbreviations when chatting with friends or members of a community. Some of these abbreviations include the following:

  • nfs: “not for sale” or “not for sure.”
  • imk: “In My Knowledge.”
  • wlc: “Welcome” (used when someone just joined a server) or “world league champions” game., etc.


Discord is a digital group communication platform gamers use extensively to chat with friends or other gamers. The platform is home to communities, servers, etc., and can be a fun place to hang out. Users encounter or use several abbreviations during conversations, some of which can be confusing.

One of the abbreviations commonly used on Discord is “wsg.” The term “wsg” means “What’s good?” which is a casual or another way of saying, “How are you doing?”

Hopefully, this article has highlighted the meaning of this term when used on Discord, including how you should respond to it.

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