What Does “WLC” Mean in Discord?

What Does Wlc Mean In Discord

Using abbreviations is not new, and Discord is not short of them. There are plenty of Discord servers and communities with thousands of members.

This large population makes it common for you to encounter different abbreviations on Discord.

For instance, what does “wlc” mean when used on Discord, and when should you use it? Read on to find out.

Quick Answer

“Wlc,” when used on Discord, could mean different things, depending on the context where it has been used.

Often, you will find “wlc” when you join a server, and in such a case, it’s used as an abbreviation for “welcome”.

Sometimes, you may find someone using “wlc” to represent the “world league champions” game.

Some use “wlc” to refer to the “weight loss challenge”. So, the “wlc” meaning depends on the context.

We will understand why abbreviations are commonly used on Discord, then explain what “wlc” means in Discord, giving examples of how to use it. Still, we will discuss other common abbreviations you can find in Discord and their meaning.

Why Are Abbreviations Common on Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging platform accessible via mobile, desktop, and web. You can use Discord to create a server, join a community, chat with friends, stream, game, etc.

There are plenty of activities and features offered by Discord, making it among the most used messaging applications.

When you have many users, expect people to create abbreviations for various terms. Abbreviations are shorthand for common words, and people use them, especially with hashtags, instead of typing out the whole word.

Abbreviations save in character length. Most Discord users prefer typing out an abbreviated form of a word when they want to avoid long texts. That way, people who understand a given keyword will flow with the conversation.

When referring to a game or server, you will note that abbreviations are the most popular way to mention them.

That’s because some games or servers have long words, and since most of them are used as keywords, they often get abbreviated.

As a beginner Discord user, you can quickly get confused when you don’t understand these abbreviations. However, an online search will help you reveal the meaning of a given abbreviation.

What Does “wlc” Mean in Discord?

There is no one answer for what “wlc” means on Discord. For our case, we will focus on three meanings of “wlc”.

First, “wlc” is an abbreviation for “welcome“; this mainly happens in a Discord server.

When you join a server, you may find someone texting, “Hey, wlc!”

In such a context, the person welcomes you and other new members to the server. So, instead of typing out “Hey, welcome.” They use “wlc” as a shorthand for “welcome”. Still, someone can use it directly to respond to you after saying “thank you.”

Secondly, someone can use “wlc” to abbreviate the “World League of Champions”. So, instead of them typing out the entire word, they shorten it to save on character length and typing speed.

Lastly, when you are talking to someone, they can refer to the popular “weight loss challenge” and instead type “wlc.”

An example is, “Hey, I just joined wlc, and my body is starting to get in shape!”

Here, they are referring to the weight loss challenge, popular with people looking to work on their bodies and get into shape.

Other commonly used abbreviations on Discord include the following.

  • fr – for real
  • ofc – of course
  • tfw – that feeling when
  • gtf – gone too far
  • nrs – no replies

Whenever you encounter an abbreviation on Discord, search for its meaning online, and you will get it. Doing so ensures you don’t fail to understand the conversation.


There are plenty of Discord abbreviations that you will encounter when using Discord.

This guide discusses what the “wlc” abbreviation means when used on Discord.

It could mean “world league of champions,” “welcome,” or” weight loss challenge.”

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