How To Annoy Your Teacher on Zoom?

How To Annoy Your Teacher On Zoom

Every student would agree that we always have love-and-hate relationships with our teachers.

Annoying teachers and getting on their nerves is not ok, but it would be a lie to say we never did it. We did it! We pranked our teacher, made silly noises, snored, and did all ridiculous stuff during class.

When the paradigm shifted with online classes replacing traditional ones, students had to be creative in their pranks and other tactics to annoy teachers.

Though it is utterly challenging to do all these things in online classes, we are here to help you achieve that!

Quick Answer

Here are little pranks that you can pull on your teachers to annoy them:

– Unmute your microphone and make funny noises.

– Play with Zoom backgrounds.

– Use the buffering filter to appear as if there is a network problem.

– Every participant can use their video in the loop as background and play deaf when the teacher asks any question.

– Try the “Reconnecting” stunt.

– Wear something funny.

Though we highly encourage you to concentrate on your studies and always respect your teachers, a little laugh here and there does not hurt anyone. So, keep reading to learn a few tricks to vex your teachers for little innocent humor during boring Zoom classes.

Prank Your Teachers During Zoom Class To Annoy Them

Physical classes have always been a challenge for students to concentrate on the lesson. There are so many distractions that can take your mind away.

The prospect of teeny weeny fun was the only thing that made us survive these boring classes. We all loved making weird sounds during our physics class or snoring sounds during maths sessions, isn’t it?

When the pandemic hit and online classes on Zoom or other platforms became the only solution, the transition was difficult for many people. For students, it hit hard!

The pandemic is gone, but many students still have to take online classes. You can play little innocent pranks, specifically with your teachers, during the online class to prevent Zoom fatigue.

It is easier to pull pranks on teachers on Zoom as they are highly vulnerable because most of them are not really tech-savvy like us.


We do not condone any mischief or irresponsible behavior meant to hurt the sentiments of people. We are trying to give some pranks that add a little humor without causing emotional or physical damage to anyone.

When this disclaimer is out of the way, let’s talk about little pranks you can play on your teachers to annoy them and have a laugh with your friends.

Prank #1: Unmute and Have Little Fun

Teachers always advise students to mute their microphones to avoid disruptions during class. Being an obedient student, you must turn off the microphone. But, when things get a little boring, you can turn it on to have some fun.

You can make weird snoring noises to signal your teacher that things are going really boring. If there are 50 participants, it would be difficult for your teacher to find out who did it.

Or, you can play some fun music, like “Pump Up the Jam.” 

I don’t know who sang it, but this got such a beat that everybody finds it funny. Everybody would laugh, and your teacher would get little frowns on the forehead.  

If you get caught, play it innocent and apologetic, like you do not know how it happened if you get caught.


You can use Zoom escaper to use any sound, like a fussy baby, crying roommate, construction work, poor internet connection, etc, to have fun during the class.

Prank #2: Play With Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are amazing stuff by Zoom to amp up your audio call. You can add images and even videos on your Zoom backgrounds. So, try creating a few giggles by going for some fun backgrounds.

Do you know what would be fun? It would be funny if you upload your teacher’s picture for your Zoom background. It will surely grab the attention of other participants, and seeing the giggles, your teacher would notice the troublemaker.

Prank #3: Buffering Filter

This one prank requires collaborative efforts for better effects. So, ask your friends to tag along. 

Use the Snap cam buffering lens. Now, decide on the right moment, and when it is the right moment, use this filter. 

When the buffering filter is on, all your videos will get static. It would look like it has stopped due to the poor internet connection with the buffering icon all over it.

All participants’ screens showing the buffering icon will make your teacher wonder what had happened with everyone. Is the network down all over the city? 

When your teacher deciphers that it was a prank, she will be red in a fury!

Prank #4: Use Your Video in the Loop & Play Deaf

Again this will be more fun if you guys do it together.

Record a video of yourself just nodding or concentrating on the class. Put a sticky note on your camera, and use this video as the Zoom background during the class. All of you must do it for more impact. 

When the teacher asks any question, do not answer her.

At first, your teacher will get annoyed, then she will ask someone else, and again not getting an answer from others will make her wonder if there is a problem with her microphone or your speakers.

Prank #5: “Reconnecting” Stunt

This one was done before and got 2.3 million views in 24 hours. So, if your teacher heard it, you people might get caught. 

At any moment when the lesson gets exceedingly boring, all of you disable your cameras and change your Zoom profile picture to something that says “Reconnecting.”

Your teacher will be left alone with “Reconnecting” written on everyone’s screen. It will make your teacher wonder, what happened to you all? Is it connectivity issues? Should she stay or leave?

So, many questions will go into their head. You enjoy the confusion.


Always coordinate with other participants during the Zoom classes for the perfect timing. Use Zoom’s chat feature to do it.

In fact, using Zoom chat to talk is all fun and mean stuff like people did during physical classes by scribbling on papers and passing them onto each other in the olden days.

Prank #6: Wear Something Funny

Wear funky pjs to get on the nerves of your teacher.

Since there is no dress code for Zoom classes, you can bring the funniest outfit out of yours to the class to get on the nerves of your teacher and win a few giggles.


Do not overdo your outfit. It can become apparent that you are doing it intentionally. If you dress up as a drag, your teacher would obviously kick you out of class. Keep it casual and natural. 

Final Thoughts

These pranks are fun ways to liven up your dull Zoom classes.

Now, the reaction of your teacher will depend on their mood and personality. Some will enjoy this little humor and give marks on your creativity, while others might find it offensive and annoying.

The trick is to avoid getting caught so that your teacher cannot complain to your parents or involve the school authorities.

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