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What Does “PYO” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Pyo&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat’s acronym game is strong. It’s because of the vast younger audience who like to communicate fast. Acronyms like “LOL,” “FYO,” “TIA,” “JK,” and “IMO” are easy to interpret because they are so common.

What truly differentiates chat ninjas from the masses is an interpretation of rare words. One of them is “PYO.” So, what does “PYO” mean on Snapchat?

Quick Answer

PYO‘ on Snapchat means ‘put you on.’ It means you’re telling somebody an exciting thing, often in detail. This could be anything from sharing your past experiences to how you feel about a particular item.

Since ‘PYO’ is not a common acronym, we’ll ensure it sticks with you. Read ahead with examples to get yourself familiarized with it.

What Is “PYO” on Snapchat?

PYO‘ means ‘put you on.’ It’s a phrase used in serious, humorous, or any other way you think. Usually, the sentence’s tone will dictate if ‘PYO’ is used for fun or in serious talk.

When using ‘PYO,’ you are telling the other person that something interesting, tragic, or funny happened, and you want to tell them about it.

Most of the time, you’ll use ‘PYO’ with the person you already know. But sometimes, you can use ‘PYO’ with strangers as well. In this context, ‘PYO’ will be a fancy way to introduce something.

How To Use “Pyo” on Snapchat?

With these examples, it would be easy for you to use ‘PYO’ properly on Snapchat. Read the interpretation for a more precise idea.

Example #1

Sara: “Hey, How are you doing? How’s life?”

Jenn: “Hey, I am good, but life’s hard.”

Sara: “Oh, what happened?”

Jenn: “I had a terrible experience last week. Let me PYO details of those.”

Sara: “Sure, Go ahead.”

Interpretation: Jenn wants to tell Sara about last week’s experience, and she uses ‘PYO’ for her expression.

Example #2

Andrew: “Hey, Marie and I are engaged.”

John: “Woah! How did this happen?”

Andrew: “Let me PYO with the details.”

Interpretation: Andrew is telling an exciting detail by using ‘PYO.’

Example #3

Stuart: “Hey, you applied for the job. How did it go?”

Joe: “Sure, let me PYO about that.”

Interpretation: Joe is telling Stuart about his job using ‘PYO.’


When using ‘PYO,’ you’re addressing the other person. Therefore, ‘Let me’ often precedes ‘PYO’ in a sentence.

Other Meanings of “PYO”

Pyo can also have multiple other meanings, which can be pretty common. Here we are briefly describing those.

Put Yourself On

PYO‘ as ‘put yourself on‘ means encouraging the other person to speak, and you’re listening.


George: “Hey, I have something important to tell you.”

Mathew: “Pyo. I am listening.”

Interpretation: In this context, Mathew is encouraging George to speak. Note that let me is not used in this context.

Put Yourself Off

The context completely changes when you use ‘PYO’ as ‘put yourself off.’ It means you’re restraining somebody from doing something that might be bad for them.


Nick: “Hey, have you heard about that new game? Should I spend a couple of dollars on that?”

Bale: Yeah, that is not good. PYO from spending your money.”

Interpretation: Bale is asking Nick not to do something by using ‘PYO.’

Pick Your Own

Generally, To ‘pick your own’ means you can choose something. It is often used to buy something of your choice and pay in return. But that is rare to be used on Snapchat.

On Snapchat, it means you’re not helping someone make a choice. Instead, ask them to decide on their own. Let’s clear this with an example.


Emma: “Hey, help me choose the outfit from the two pics I’ve sent.”

John: “I am not good with picking outfits. PYO.”

Interpretation: John is saying the choice is yours, do whatever you like. Also, note that it may be a little rude to use ‘PYO’ in this meaning.


All the meanings of ‘PYO’ sound somewhat similar. Therefore, the context is crucial to dig out the interpretation.

Final Thoughts

‘PYO’ is a term not used on Snapchat very often. Therefore, we tried to keep things simple and understandable.

Also, remember to use it for accessible communication and not bragging about your knowledge. You can look forward to our other guide to explore other terms too.

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