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What Does “SMT” Mean on Instagram?

What Does Smt Mean On Instagram

Abbreviations are everywhere on social platforms, and if you do not stay updated with them, you’ll get lost in conversations easily.

From Instagram to Snapchat, there are more abbreviations than anyone knows what to do with them. But when one of the abbreviations becomes frequently used, like “smt”, we go digging into their meanings!

Quick Answer

“Smt” appears to have more than one meaning on Instagram, including “sucking my teeth”, “send me this/that”, and to some extent “smiling to myself”. But, of course, these abbreviations are applied in different contexts and will have their meaning vary slightly depending on the context.

This article will detail the meanings attached to the abbreviation and how you can apply them in conversation.

Social Media & Abbreviations

In today’s world, social media is an important part of the lives of billions of people. Virtually everybody with a social media app uses it primarily to communicate before any other function. And as texting is the mainstay of these social apps, abbreviations and slang are inevitable.

You might have encountered “smt” on social apps, especially Instagram, wondering what it means.

“Smt” is not relatively new in the social media scene, better known in its primary full form as “suck my teeth”. It’s a variation of the popular slang “kiss my teeth”, which expresses disapproval or disappointment at something.

However, it’ll seem this abbreviation has taken on some other meanings as it becomes prominent on Instagram and other social apps.

What Is the Meaning of “Smt” on Instagram?

As established, the primary meaning of “smt” is “sucking my teeth.” However, depending on the context, it could also mean “send me this/that” or “smiling to myself.” The most important part about the meanings is the context in which they apply. We’ll see how these meanings are relevant in contexts in the following headings.

Meaning #1: Sucking My Teeth

Originally, it was the sound that “sucking” your teeth gives that brought this slang to life. When you suck your teeth, it’s supposed to give you a hissing sound that disapproves of a situation.

Suppose you see a post on social media that you’re disapproving of and have no words for; this is where “smt” as “sucking my teeth” applies.

It could also be in the space where you’re chatting with someone, and they say something disapproving of, or you have reservations about it.

Examples of conversations where this meaning of “smt” applies are illustrated below.

Illustration 1

  • Amy: Hi, Matt. Did you talk to your brother as we discussed?
  • Matt: Uhm…No. But I told my sister about it, so she’ll relay the message.
  • Amy: Smt! But I specifically asked not to tell your sister. I did not want her to know.

Illustration 2

  • Abby: What did the lecturer say about our assignments?
  • Ella: Oh. He said he’s bringing the deadline forward by three days so that he can give us more.
  • Abby: Smt. I’ve not even done half of what he gave at first!

Meaning #2: Send Me This/That

You might be scrolling your Instagram feed, and you come across a video or image shared by your friend that you also want to have.

Instead of going full “send me this” or “send me that, you can use the abbreviation “smt”.

You want to make sure your friend knows it’s the “send me this” meaning that you intend when you use the abbreviation.

Meaning #3: Smiling To Myself

This is a more unpopular meaning with Instagram users, but a few people use “smt” to mean the heading.

Like the “send me this/that” meaning, you have to be sure your recipient is clear that “smiling to myself” is what you mean.

Here’s an illustration below.

  • Amelia: I am so proud of you, Gary. You’ve done well.
  • Gary: Smt. It’s have been impossible without you too.


These are the meanings of “smt” in the different contexts it might be used on Instagram.

Remember, be sure to clarify the meanings if you’re not sure which one is applying to a particular context!

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