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What Does “LOL” Mean on Facebook?

What Does &Quot;Lol&Quot; Mean On Facebook

Facebook users are embracing abbreviations on all parts of the platform. Initially, the network was known for funny stickers and emojis. Today, the lingo is changing, and slang is becoming common. A good one is “LOL.”

Have you seen this anywhere on Mark’s streets and wondered what it meant?

Quick Answer

LOL” is the short form for “laughing out loud.” The verb laugh is sometimes used in different tenses. But, the phrase retains its meaning. The acronym means there is excitement, thrill, or fun in something.

When on Facebook, it is crucial to learn typical slang. These should ease communication between peers or people on your friend’s list.

Not all abbreviations are common to all Facebook users. Some people are new to Facebook and other social media. Keep reading to learn more about the acronym ‘LOL.

What Is “LOL”?

LOL‘ is an abbreviation for ‘laughing out loud.’ It is a fantastic response to something funny. You can see it on news feeds, comments, stories, stickers, and other content forms.

Using it as a short form is easy for users to chat without lots of text. ‘LOL’ has its origin in the earliest days of social media. Just before emojis and stickers took over. It is a fantastic way to share a joke or something funny.

If someone says ‘LOL’ on Facebook, they are responding to something that has excited them. The abbreviation is easy to guess for buddies who have seen it before. Especially on stickers, it is accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Anyone quick to grasp it can guess it in the lines of laughter. But if you are an alien to slang, this might crack your head.

How Is “LOL” Used?

You can use ‘LOL’ as you would in a phone or one-on-one conversation. People say it in its short form, and the other party understands if they are familiar with its usage. It is a casual way of responding to a funny thing you see on Facebook.

Depending on how you use the acronym, it can be a conversation starter or stopper. If used on its own, it might not need a reply. Hence, ending a conversation.

Sometimes, you can use it accompanied by other words. This could continue the conversation since the other party might feel like replying to a statement or question you sent.

When To Use “LOL” on Facebook?

‘LOL’ is a way of responding to funny content on Facebook. But, the acronym cuts across most social media platforms. Here are a few situations when you can use ‘LOL’ on Facebook:

  • When casually chatting with a Facebook friend and they tell you something funny.
  • If you see amusing content on Facebook that could easily throw you on the ground in laughter.
  • When speaking to a friend on the platform who often uses acronyms and is comfortable with them.
  • If you don’t want to use words like ‘funny’ or ‘very funny.’

Avoid using ‘LOL’ in professional conversations with people on Facebook. You want to remain formal. Using the acronym, in this case, will be inappropriate. Feel free to use it in your casual settings. 

How To Reply When Someone Sends You “LOL”?

If someone sends you ‘LOL,’ you can reply with a funny sticker. Facebook has so many of them. Also, you can reply with a relevant comment depending on the content.

Facebook has other response options like thumbs up and laughing emojis that you can use.

Other Meanings of “LOL”

‘LOL’ has other internet meanings that are common in chats. Some are:

  • Love of life
  • Little old ladies
  • Loads of love
  • Love outdated laws

Other long forms are in the IT, medical, and government departments.

Here are more possible meanings of the abbreviation:

  • Live on line
  • Lots of living
  • Land of Lincoln
  • Lesson online

Some of these meanings can be used in their short forms on Facebook. It will depend on the context of the discussion.


‘LOL’ has been used on Facebook and other social media platforms for a while now. It applies when one sees a funny thing that can send them laughing loudly. Most Facebook users prefer using the abbreviation to its long form.

If you want to build your slang vocabulary, this is a good one to add to it.

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