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What Does “/P” Mean on Twitter?

What Does “/P” Mean On Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site where people share short messages called “tweets.” So you might have seen tweets or chats from users with “/p” tags that look like sign language. Hence, you keep searching and asking what “/p” means on Twitter. Well, your search is over as you have come to the right article to get answers to your inquiry.

Quick Answer

The tone tag /p, also known as platonic, is popular on Twitter. It describes a relationship that is purely spiritual and not physical. The relationship can either be love or friendship. But regardless of the one it is, the connection is marked by the absence of physical or sexual desire.

Since Twitter is a public medium, it means that what you tweet can be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world. But people want to share tweets without giving others a glimpse of what the tweet means. So users use tone tags to put out thoughts only a few understand, and among the tags is “/p.”

This article explains what the “/p” tag means on Twitter. Also, we will introduce you to how you can use it.

What Does “/P” Mean, and How Is It Used on Twitter?

First, you have to know and get the concept behind this indicator. This helps you understand its meaning and usage better. Like the other ones, /p, /j, /hj, /r, and many more are all known as tone tags or indicators. In a real sense, these indicators are like emojis in text formats.

Well, tone indicators or tags are simply some shortened text that helps you explain the tone of a text or post. This idea is essential since not everyone can tell what tone a post is made with, even when seeing the context.

So using the tag will let the reader know the tone and context of what you wrote to understand the text easily. And this is true, especially for neurodivergent people who find it hard to convey a text’s meaning.

You can use tone tags in both text and post updates. You can also use it on all platforms, but it is popular on Twitter. Since a tweet has a limited number of characters you can put out, users often use the tags to help others comprehend it. So the tags are mainly added to the end of the post.

Meaning of “/P” on Twitter

Like every other tone indicator, “/p” was coined using the first letter in platonic. The word means a friendship kind of love, care, etc., purely spiritual and has no physical or sexual desires. This term relates to Plato’s (ancient Greek philosopher) works. This philosopher wrote on the fascinating subject of love, free from physical desires.

Take, for instance, that you have an opposite gender as a mutual friend who is very close with you. But it is only friendship that made you two that close, and there are no sexual desires between you. It means you have platonic love if you are that close and are not boyfriends or girlfriends. Thus Plato believes this connection is passionless but brings you closer to God.

How To Use “/P” on Twitter

Now that you know what the “/p” tone tag means, you will wonder how you can use it. There’s actually no set-out rule to how you can use it. But, ideally, you use it at the end of a text since you want it to help you explain what you wrote. This way, there won’t be doubt about what you’re saying after the reader knows the tone.

Still, you must be sure that the tweet you are putting out won’t turn into a thread. Since tweet characters are limited, not everyone may see the tag at the end of the tweet becomes a thread. In this case, we advise you to use the indicator at the beginning or top of the tweet.

Also, an example of using “/p” is “The past days have been amazing with Elias, and I love him /p.” In a real sense, without the tone indicator at the end, readers would feel something else. That will be Elias’s presence is what made you develop feelings. But with the tone tag, readers will be sure that with was only a platonic kind of love.


Tone tags are now a common slang on social media. You’ll see it everywhere on Twitter, Tiktok, Discord, and many other platforms. These tone indicators only help you explain the context of your message. Thus, the “/p” tag is no different for presenting platonic love or friendship.

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