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What Does ‘OOMF’ Mean on Instagram

What Does Oomf Mean On Instagram

Social media is not only for social interaction but is also a business platform. Today, we have careers and businesses based only on social media. Even if social media has become a part of many businesses, a large part of it remains a platform for social interaction, staying in touch with friends, filling up spare time, and finding funny and entertaining content.

Unlike other social media apps like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram relies more on pictures and videos and less on words. Currently, Instagram has over a billion registered users meaning even if you don’t use the platform regularly; you probably have an account. If you are unfamiliar with social media lingo and typically Instagram jargon, it can be challenging to follow what people say.

Quick Answer

One of the most commonly used slang on Instagram is ‘oomf.’ If you’ve bumped into the acronym on Instagram a couple of times but don’t know what it means, this article is for you. ‘oomf’ means ‘One of my followers‘ or ‘One of my friends,’ depending on the context. But the most common context and use for ‘oomf’ is ‘one of my followers.’

To learn more about the use of ‘oomf,’ its origin, context, and how to use it on Instagram, read this article to the end.

Overview of Use of ‘OOMF’ on Instagram

If you are new to Instagram or have an account and only now wish to start using it, it’s essential to learn when and how to use ‘oomf.’ Otherwise, you might find yourself locked out of discussion or failing to understand what an entire comment section means.

Typically, after you learn what ‘oomf’ means, it’s not difficult to use it or understand what others say on Instagram. Here’s an excellent example of using the word ‘oomf’ in a sentence:

  • “Hey guys! OOMF asked for a video explaining more about this particular product. So, here we go.”

In the above sentence, a social media user quotes a follower saying that they asked that they explain more about a specific product. The use of ‘oomf’ in this context is so they wouldn’t have to mention the said follower by name.

Next, we discuss the origin and usage of ‘oomf’ on Instagram.

Origin and Usage of ‘OOMF’ on Instagram

The most common usage for ‘oomf’ is ‘one of my followers.’ But, initially, in the earlier 2000s, the term ‘oomf’ was used casually in conversation to mean ‘one of my friends.’ Unfortunately, this usage did not gain popularity. Later, the rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram led to the revival of the term ‘oomf’ but now with a slightly different meaning, ‘one of my followers.’

Technically, the word ‘oomf’ is not only limited to Instagram. In fact, the word’s initial social media usage was on Twitter. But because both platforms have a follower concept, it was also appropriate to use it on Instagram.

On Instagram, you can use the word ‘oomf’ in various ways. The first is to conceal the identity of the person you are talking about. Here’s an excellent example of a conversation where the word ‘oomf’ covers a person’s identity. This conversation occurs in an Instagram comment section after an Instagram user posts a picture:

  • 1st comment: “This is such a nice sweater. How do you come up with so many fashion ideas and projects?”
  • Reply: “Thanks! I get most of my project ideas from oomf. She’s very talented at fashion concepts and ideas.”

Some Instagram users also use ‘oomf’ to talk ill of another user without necessarily drawing attention. Typically, the use of ‘oomf’ in this context indulges in social media gossip and drama without sharing names openly.

Finally, you can use ‘oomf’ as part of hashtags to accompany an Instagram post. This is especially common with celebrities and brands selling products and merchandise on Instagram. Using ‘oomf’ as a hashtag is pretty simple.

For example, suppose a celebrity sells a product to one of their Instagram followers. In that case, they can post a picture of the follower posing with the product and then caption it with other hashtags, including #oomf.


As you’ve learned, the word ‘oomf’ on Instagram means ‘one of my followers.’ You can use ‘oomf’ to talk about someone without exposing their identity.

You can also use ‘oomf’ to indulge in Instagram gossip and drama without mentioning names or as a hashtag to accompany a picture of your follower.

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