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What Does “AS” Mean on TikTok?

What Does &Quot;As&Quot; Mean On Tiktok

We know Snapchat as the ‘mother’ of slang regarding social media networks. TikTok is quickly gaining pace, and its users are embracing the new culture. Users are adding ‘AS’ to their videos. What does this mean?

Quick Answer

Besides ‘AS‘ being used as a hashtag, it is used in TikTok videos. It is an abbreviation for ‘Adult Swim.’ ‘AS’ is the new TikTok trend taking the platform by storm. It involves the platform’s users creating their bumps and bumpers followed by ‘AS.’

This one might be a little complicated, but we will break it down in an instant. There is so much to learn about this acronym. Keep reading to know the deeper meaning of ‘AS,’ how to use it, its replies, and other possible meanings.

What Is ‘AS’?

AS‘ is the short form for ‘Adult Swim.’ You will spot it on TikTok videos or hashtags. It means that the content shared pays homage or is attributed to the authentic Adult Swim bumps and bumpers. These bumpers could play before and after advertisements.

Adult Swim is Cartoon Network’s after-time adult-oriented programming. Its primary idea is to target and build teens and young adult audiences.

The bumps can be abstract or simplistic, ranging from old cars or simmers in a lake. TikTok users use ‘AS’ to show their creativity as much as they can.

This is one of the hardest nuts to crack of all TikTok abbreviations I have come across. Both letters are difficult to guess correctly. You can guess other long forms that would still fit the acronym.

But, you might never get ‘Adult Swim’ as its meaning.

How Is ‘AS’ Used on TikTok?

Unfortunately, ‘AS’ is among the abbreviations you can’t use like you would in a face-to-face conversation. Someone would think it has a hidden sinister meaning.

The abbreviation is used as a hashtag or at the start or end of TikTok videos. The platform’s users use it to show their creativity. It isn’t used in gross or adult content as most people think.

Alongside using the hashtag or abbreviation, TikTok users accompany their videos with the Adult Swim sound ‘Time Moves Slow.’

When To Use ‘AS’ on TikTok

It can prove challenging to use this abbreviation because of its uncommon meaning. Read below some situations you can use ‘AS’ on TikTok:

  • When you want to get more engagement on your TikTok content – it could land you more likes, views, and followers.
  • In everyday environments or situations to create humor that might seem inexistent without the bump in the video or an added hashtag.
  • When you want to add creative captions to your videos.

The ‘AS’ hashtag has over a billion views on TikTok. If you are creative enough with your videos and are looking for a way to go viral and gain traction on your account, here is a fantastic chance.

How To Reply to a TikTok Video or Hashtag With ‘AS’

When you see a video or hashtag with ‘AS,’ you can choose to reply or not, especially if it is from someone you don’t follow. You can reply with a laughing emoji if it is a funny one.

Since these ‘AS’ videos vary, they trigger different emotions. If you have to reply, express your feelings with emoticons or text. Sometimes, it could be a hilarious video that most people didn’t expect.

You can commend the original creator of the video. And if the creativity comes out as gross or a concern, be courteous with your feedback. You don’t want to attract backlash from other commenters or the original owner of the video.

Other Meanings of ‘AS’

‘AS’ on TikTok stands for ‘Adult Swim’ and is for creative purposes. Sometimes, it could also be a short form for:

  • As stated
  • ActionScript
  • Advanced server
  • Application system.

Other possible meanings are:

  • Advanced solutions
  • Anti-submarine
  • Associate of science

However, its long forms are inexhaustible.


TikTok is bursting the airwaves when it comes to networks airing video content. Even with its fame, it can be daunting for first-timers. The language can give you migraines, especially if you aren’t a fan of slang.

One which can be the most challenging is ‘AS.’ Now that you know it is a way of expressing creativity even when there is none, it should be easier to use.

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