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Why Do People Comment “FYP” on TikTok?

Why Do People Comment &Quot;Fyp&Quot; On Tiktok

TikTok is the home to billions of videos ranging from comedy to music content. Anything that’s a video could be on the app and go viral in minutes when it reaches the right audience. Of course, this excludes videos promoting explicit content or abuse. As going viral is the aim of several creators on the app, they’ve sorted to using keywords that could boost their content.

Quick Answer

Nobody has figured out how videos go viral on TikTok other than having content that people relate to. However, some people think if you comment “FYP” on TikTok videos, it could boost the video’s chances of getting better exposure and engagement. The “FYP” stands for “For You Page,” the equivalent of a homepage on TikTok.

This article will cover the necessary details of “FYP” and why people comment FYP on TikTok videos.

What Is “FYP” on TikTok?

If you’re conversant with the TikTok app, you’ll notice when you open the app; it automatically opens to a page tagged “For You.” This “For You Page,” also known as “FYP,” is where TikTok brings you videos from all over, whether you follow the creator or not. If you want to see content from people you follow precisely, you’ll click the “Following” page beside the “For You” page.

This “For You Page” is where you find some of the most viral videos on TikTok within an unspecified timeline. If a video lands on the “For You Page,” there’s more chance of getting better exposure and more likes than it already has. There are over 500 million active users on the app, spending an average of 53 minutes per day; there’s potential for a video on FYP to get to 10% of that number.

Your video on the “For You Page” could mean more visitors to your profile, hence more followers. If people like your content and think it’s marketable, you could be reached out to by a brand for sponsorship or partnership. The “For You Page” could change the life of a creator forever.

Why Do People Comment on “FYP” on TikTok?

The idea of commenting “FYP” on a TikTok video should work like using a hashtag on several other platforms. Using a hashtag supposedly puts your video on a trend list where more people can come across your video. The idea was also brought to the app by users who think commenting “FYP” will put your video on the “For You Page.”

People who comment “FYP” on your videos are in love with your content and think you should be going viral among the myriad already on TikTok. Although most creators who caption their videos and include hashtags get to be part of a trend, the story is quite different for people commenting FYP on videos.

Does Commenting FYP on a TikTok Video Get It on the “For You Page”?

Firstly, the “For You Page” works quite differently from the hashtags page, where your video will be sure to appear regardless if it’s viral or not. The page is controlled only by TikTok, and no one knows the criteria that put videos on it. TikTok’s algorithm is not quite figured out, and from all indications, commenting FYP doesn’t put a TikTok video on the “For You Page.”

Secondly, you’ll barely see the hashtag FYP on a video that appears on the “For You Page.” If you did, the video probably was already viral and had been chosen by TikTok to appear on the “For You Page.” This goes beyond doubt that commenting “FYP” on a page does not put a video on the For You Page.

Also, people who do nothing but comment “FYP” on a TikTok video should be wary of spamming. If that’s all you do and TikTok rules your account as a spam account, there’s a high chance the account could get banned or suspended from the platform.


There are speculations that TikTok puts videos that people watch from start to finish and engage more on the “For You Page.” In essence, your content has to be highly engaging.


The above-stated reason is mostly why people comment “FYP” on videos. Now, you also know if it works and if you should encourage people to keep commenting.

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