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What Does “EW” Mean on Facebook?

What Does Ew Mean On Facebook

Facebook is home to everyone, and the many people with Facebook accounts make it the leading social platform for connecting with friends.

All ages are on Facebook, and it’s normal to encounter acronyms that people coin to use for their texting.

The problems come in when you have no idea what a given phrase or acronym means, making you miss out on the fun or getting the sender’s intention.

Quick Answer

“EW” is a term used on Facebook and has several meanings. It can be used to express disgust about something. Also, gamers use it to represent the “Electronic Warfare” game, and others use it as a short form for “Either Way”. Therefore, the meaning of “EW” on Facebook depends on the context of how it has been used on Facebook.

This guide opens your eyes to understanding the various meaning of “EW” on Facebook. We will give examples of each meaning such that when you see the term next time, you will have confidence in understanding what it means.

What Does “EW” Mean on Facebook?

Everyone on Facebook has their way of communicating with their friends.

Therefore, you can easily find people sharing the same phrase but with different meanings. If you are texting someone on Facebook or viewing comments, you can come across the term “EW.”

You may feel left out if you don’t know what it means.

Here are the three common meanings of “EW” on Facebook.

Meaning #1: Expressing Disgust

When someone wants to show their disgust with something, they can use “EW” in their text. It could be someone is not happy with a post or comments, and they respond with “EW” followed by some other words.

For instance, if someone texts you, “Did you see her recipe? Ew, I guarantee it’s a miss!”

In this context, the person is telling you that they are disgusted with the recipe of the person at hand. Therefore, the “EW” here means the recipe is disgusting.

Furthermore, you can find the “EW” used in violent, horrific, or traumatizing posts. In such a case, people’s reaction shows that a given post is disgusting to view.

Meaning #2: Either Way

Either way is an English term used to imply that whatever option or decision is made or chosen, something will still happen. In this context, it could be your friend is giving you their opinion about a given topic.

Let’s have an example. “Whether I get suspended or not, ew, I am still going to the party.”

Here, someone is trying to mean that regardless of the consequence or decision made, their decision to attend the party remains unchanged either way.

Hopefully, you now understand the three common ways someone can use “EW” on Facebook and what each instance could mean. That way, you can now confidently respond appropriately.

Meaning #3: Electronic Warfare Games

For gamers, they can use “EW” to imply Electronic Warfare games.

So, if you are a gamer or your friend who is a gamer texts you and adds the “EW” in their message, they are likely refereeing to the Electronic Warfare game.

Here is an example sentence for that, “Hey, Mike. I won’t make it today. I am held up with ew all day.”

In such a case, the sender is telling you their reason for not showing up is that they are busy enjoying their Electronic Warfare game.

Other Popular Acronyms on Facebook

“EW” is not the only term you will encounter on Facebook.

Let’s highlight other popular terms and their meaning:

  • UGH: It is used to show disgust or disappointment in something or someone
  • TADA: it is used as an exclamation to show someone is excited that they have accomplished or finished something, such as a task.
  • WEEE: it is used to imply a state of excitement
  • GOSH: people use it to show their surprise about something

You now have more terms and their meaning to add to your arsenal of common phrases that you can find on Facebook and other social media platforms.


“EW”, when used on Facebook, can mean three things, disgust, “Electronic Warfare” games, or “Either Way”.

This guide has covered the three meanings and offered examples of sentences where you can find the term.

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