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What Does “KMS” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Kms&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

The trickiest part about Snapchat slang is that it has no complete dictionary. I might be compiling one, just kidding! A few are popular and cut across other platforms, while others can be difficult to figure out. A good one that can crack your head is ‘KMS.’

Quick Answer

KMS” is the short form for “kill myself.” It doesn’t mean taking your life. It is a dramatic phrase with a hidden meaning. ‘KMS’ means showing fake anger to someone on Snapchat. But on severe fronts, it could mean expressing your depression, disgust, sadness, or suicide threat.

Keep reading to learn more about ‘KMS’ and how to use it on Snapchat. There are other meanings of the acronym that you didn’t know exist below.

What Is ‘KMS’?

KMS” is an abbreviation for “kill myself.” For example, a user on Snapchat can text you ‘KMS’ to mean they are irritated or disagree with your content. It is an overreaction to unfavorable situations.

The primary intention of the abbreviation is to exaggerate feelings. It is like a small child throwing a tantrum because they want more attention. Of course, it is often used casually. But if someone mentions it sincerely, they need more help and fast!

If you text someone ‘KMS,’ you show how wrong or upsetting things are. What they say or post could be genuinely irritating. But sometimes, others use it because they are petty and want to find unnecessary faults.

It might be easy to guess other meanings of ‘KMS’ on Snapchat. But, getting the typical one – to “kill myself” is daunting. Anyone could easily say it is the short form for kilometers. That is correct!

However, on Snapchat, it has a different meaning. You can still use it to mean kilometers, depending on the nature of your conversation.

How Is ‘KMS’ Used?

‘KMS’ is applicable even in a one-on-one conversation like you would online. It is a way of expressing your disgust, irritation, or dissatisfaction with someone or something. It shows that you aren’t interested in consuming more of such content.

If you receive any information or content that you feel uncomfortable with, you can reply with ‘KMS.’ It can spark another conversation if the other party is concerned. Or, it could end if they feel insecure.

When To Use ‘KMS’ on Snapchat

‘KMS’ is a dramatic phrase and a way of showing your overreaction. It is an exaggeration. Here are situations you can use the acronym on Snapchat:

  • When showing fake anger to your friend or partner on Snapchat.
  • On severe fronts, it can be a suicide threat or a way of expressing sadness, depression, or disgust.
  • An exaggeration of your ire feelings.
  • If you want to overreact to unfavorable situations.

If you send your friends on Snapchat texts with ‘KMS’ and sincerely mean it, it is alarming, and you need help. This applies to when you receive serious ‘KMS’ texts from your friends. It could be a sign of depression, or they are genuinely making suicide threats.

How To Reply When Someone Sends You a ‘KMS’ Text

When someone sends you a message with ‘KMS,’ the first thing is to weigh its seriousness. If it is a dramatic response to show an overreaction, you can calm them down. Type an apology text, snap, or video.

Snapchat has numerous communication tools you can use. If they don’t accept it, you can call them to mend things. However, if the person seriously means that they will kill themselves, help them. It is a sign of depression or a serious suicide threat.

Refer them to a counselor or therapist. If possible, ask them to open up to you. The laymen say a problem shared is half solved.

Other Meanings of ‘KMS’

Here are some other meanings for ‘KMS’:

  • Key management systems in computing and software.
  • It is the short form for kilometers.
  • In business terms, it stands for knowledge management systems.
  • KMS is a symbol for potassium metabisulfite in Chemistry.


More people are signing up on Snapchat, but their experiences are different. Some are quickly mastering the vocabulary, while others are taking time. ‘KMS’ is among the slang with diverse meanings. But, the most typical on Snapchat is ‘kill myself’ to express overreaction to a situation.

Be careful of how and when to use it. You don’t want to cause unnecessary alarms. 

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