What Does “ISTG” Mean on Discord?

What Does &Quot;Istg&Quot; Mean On Discord

Discord is one of the best social media networks out there. With super-optimized sound compression, it allows excellent voice communication and outstanding video features.

Texting is one of the best ways to communicate with people on a server, and many acronyms are used for easy communication. So, what does ‘ISTG’ mean on Discord?

Quick Answer

‘ISTG’ is a common acronym used in texting on social media, which means ‘I swear to God.’ It is used to express different emotions, for example, extreme seriousness.

This article explains what ‘istg’ means and how to use it in different contexts. It also explains how not to use the acronym.

Acronyms in Today’s World

Acronyms are shortened forms of popular statements that make it easy to type out while texting. Some acronyms fall under the category called textspeak.

Textspeak refers to all forms of languages that are associated with text messages. The primary reason for acronyms in textspeak is to display words or emotions quicker and more effectively. 

What Does ‘ISTG’ Mean on Discord?

‘Istg’ means ‘I swear to God.’ ‘Istg’ as an acronym is not unique to Discord; it is used in all forms of texting.

It expresses extreme seriousness, exasperation, or surprise at a situation or statement. It can be used as a response to a text or after making a definite statement. The acronym is usually used outside a religious context.

How Is ‘ISTG’ Used in Conversations on Discord?

Because of its wide application, there are many ways to use the acronym ‘istg.’ Its primary use is to express emotional sincerity.

Here are a few ways to use ‘istg’ on Discord.

To Convince Someone When Faced With Skepticism

When you make a statement during a conversation, and the other person does not believe what you have said, using ‘istg’ might convince them that you are telling the truth.

It might save you from convincing a whole server of people why what you said holds true.

To Promise a Change in Behavior

If there is a reason for people to doubt that you cannot or would not change something about yourself, ‘istg’ might convince them that you are serious about changing this time.

Using ‘istg’ might put an end to a very long intervention.

To Make a Threat More Intimidating

If you are faced with someone doing something you don’t like, using ‘istg’ is a great way to convince them that your threats are real.

Putting this acronym behind your threat convinces the other party that your aggressive action is not a joke.

To Express Frustration

If you are under stress while having a conversation, using ‘istg’ can express that anger or frustration so that the other person knows how you’re feeling.

As a General Interjection

Outside the above-listed uses, ‘istg’ can also be used to tell someone you agree with them. It can be used as any regular exclamation like ‘wtf.’

This helps express emotions in short bursts and makes you feel better.

How Not To Use ‘ISTG?’

All textspeak is mainly associated with texting communication mediums such as social media, blogs, emails, etc.

They have, however, become more than a discord acronym and are used in our everyday discussions, thus the need to understand how not to use ‘istg.’

Here are two significant scenarios to avoid the use of ‘istg.’

Official Use

Avoid using ‘istg’ in official conversations or correspondence, as it is considered informal slang. When in professional settings, try to use remarks that are deemed professional.

This includes official emails, documents, or office conversations.

Religious Use 

Although ‘istg’ has no religious connotation, it can be considered offensive to devout or religious individuals. You should avoid using the phrase in places of worship to prevent an unpleasant reaction.

These are the places to avoid using ‘istg.’ However, it is considered harmless when used on Discord and other social media platforms.

In Conclusion

Discord is a great place to have conversations, and acronyms help to maintain the pace of a good conversation. There are many acronyms used on social media to express different emotions and intentions, one of which is ‘istg.’

No worries. This article breaks down the meaning of ‘istg,’ how to use the acronym, and when not to use it. 


Is ‘istg’ the same as ‘stg’?

Yes. While ‘istg’ means ‘I swear to god,’ ‘stg’ is a shortened version, which means ‘swear to god.’ They can both be used interchangeably.

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