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What Does a Grey Check Mark Mean on Messenger?

What Does A Grey Check Mark Mean On Messenger

Messenger is a Facebook-affiliated instant messaging app that lets you interact with your Facebook friends, followers, sellers, and clients. It supports text messaging, audio calling, and video calling.

If you have shared texts, GIFs, photos, videos, or documents with someone on Messenger, you might have seen three different check marks next to the sent message.

These marks include a circle with a grey check mark, a circle with a blue checkmark, and a circle with the receiver’s profile picture.

If you wonder what these check marks mean, this post will shed more light on this, particularly the meaning of the grey checkmark. So what does the grey checkmark mean on Messenger?

Quick Answer

The grey check mark on Messenger means that you have successfully sent a message, but it has not been delivered. There are several reasons for the delay in delivering messages on Messenger, including if the recipient is offline or has a faulty internet connection.

This post covers the meaning of the grey checkmark on Messenger.

Overview of the Grey Checkmark on Messenger

Since its inception in 2011, Messenger has grown gradually and has become one of the favorite platforms for Facebook users to interact with family, friends, clients, suppliers, and other business stakeholders.

Individuals and businesses can instantly send and receive critical information like texts, images, videos, and documents.

Even better, the messaging platform supports emojis, stickers, and GIFs, making communication more personal by expressing different emotions.

Moreover, Messenger supports audio and video calls, making communication between users fast and secure.

If you have been using Messenger for a while, you have probably noted that a grey checkmark in a white circle appears after sending the message. This checkmark appears at the right corner of the closed conversation.

After some time, the grey checkmark may turn to a white checkmark in a grey circle. When the recipient reads the message, the white check mark in a grey circle becomes a small thumbnail of the receiver’s profile picture.

These icons present the status of your message and whether you are still connected with the recipient. So what does a grey check mark mean on Messenger?

This icon may leave you wondering whether your message has gone through, the recipient has read it, or the recipient is ignoring you.

Let’s get into the meaning of a grey check mark on Messenger below.

The Meaning of Grey Check Mark

When you send a message to a Facebook user on Messenger, a grey checkmark appears at the far-right corner of the conversation.

This checkmark means your message has been sent but not delivered to the recipient’s device. There are several reasons for the delay in message delivery on Messenger. These include:

  • The recipient is offline.
  • Poor internet connection on the recipient’s side.
  • The recipient has blocked you.

How To Send a Message on Messenger?

Messenger is available for both mobile devices and PCs. Follow these steps to send a message on Messenger mobile version:

  1. Open the Messenger app on your mobile device. Restart Facebook Messenger App
  2. Tap “Search” and type the name of the recipient. Search By Typing The Name
  3. Select the name of the recipient in the suggested results. Select The Recipient From The List
  4. Tap on the text box to display the keyboard. Tap On The Text Box To Display Keyboard
  5. Type your message, and attach emojis, images, or stickers. Type Your Message With Emojis
  6. Press the send button to send the message. Send Button

If you are using Messenger on a PC, follow the below steps to send a message to a Facebook user:

  1. Navigate to Messenger on your favorite browser. Messenger On Browser
  2. Click on the search bar and type the name of the recipient. Messenger Search Bar
  3. Select the recipient’s name on the suggested results. Recipient's Name
  4. Click on the text box and compose your message, adding emojis, stickers, or images. Compose Your Message With Emoji Images
  5. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Enter Key Or Send Button

Winding Up

When you see a grey check mark on Messenger after sending someone a message, it means you have successfully sent the message, but it has not been delivered.

Probable reasons for such a scenario include the recipient being offline, having a faulty internet connection, and being blocked by the recipient.

As soon as the message gets delivered, the grey checkmark becomes a white checkmark in a grey circle. Lastly, a thumbnail of the recipient’s profile picture appears after the recipient reads the message.


What is the meaning of a grey circle with a white mark on Messenger?

When you send a message on Messenger, and a grey circle with a white check mark appears next to the conversation, it means your message has been successfully sent and delivered. However, although your message has been delivered, the recipient has not read it. A small thumbnail of their profile picture appears next to the conversation when they read the message.

How do I know someone is ignoring me on Messenger?

There are several ways to know when someone has received your message and decided to ignore you on Messenger. First, the obvious one is when you see the recipient’s profile picture thumbnail below your message, which means they’ve read the message and failed to respond.

The other way is checking the last seen or when the recipient was online. If someone’s Active status is on, you can tell the last time they were online; the time shows below their name when you open the conversation. When you find out that someone is active, yet they haven’t responded to a message you sent an hour ago, they are ignoring your message.

What is the blank circle icon on Messenger?

If you have sent a message to someone on Messenger and a blank circle icon appears below the message, it means the message has not been sent. The most probable reason for such a scenario is a faulty internet connection.

What does a blue circle with a white check mark mean on Messenger?

The filled blue circle with a white check mark appears below your message on Messenger. This icon means you successfully sent the message, and it has been delivered to your recipient’s device. In addition, it’s an indicator the recipient hasn’t opened your message despite receiving it.

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