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What Does “IDEK” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Idek&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat users create new slang often. A few are easy to demystify, their long forms and meanings, while others are challenging.

In some instances, an acronym could mean one thing on Snapchat but be different on Instagram or Facebook. One of the simplest abbreviations Snapchat users use is ‘IDEK.’

Quick Answer

It sounds like an organization’s name, but ‘IDEK’ on Snapchat is long-form, for ‘I don’t even know.’ Sometimes, it stands for I don’t precisely know depending on how precise the answer to a question is needed. Tenses might vary when using it in a sentence.

Let us dive into the acronym to know when and how to use it on Snapchat.

What Is ‘IDEK’?

‘IDEK’ is an abbreviation for “I don’t even know.” For instance, a Snapchat user will reply to you with ‘IDEK’ when they don’t have an answer to your question.

It is a short and quick way of expressing your inability to give a precise answer to a question you are asked. It explains not knowing something. If someone says ‘IDEK’ on Snapchat, they cannot answer a part of your question or the whole of it. It might follow with why they don’t know, but others leave the reply as brief as it is.

This is a simple and commonly used acronym on Snapchat and other social media platforms. But, aliens to such media will not figure out the meaning of ‘IDEK.’ The worst is if they haven’t been exposed to a setting with slang words or conversations.

How Is ‘IDEK’ Used?

You can use ‘IDEK’ the same way you would in any physical, online, or virtual conversation. It is a casual way of saying that you can’t answer a question. You can reply with this acronym if you indeed have no answer, are clueless, it is a rhetorical question, or don’t want to answer the question.

Some people can be tedious or complicated, and this is the only way to shut them up or end a conversation. It is a fantastic idea to use ‘IDEK’ when replying to questions whose answers you don’t know or can’t give. Did I mention that it is timesaving than typing the four words?

When To Use ‘IDEK’ on Snapchat

‘IDEK’ is a basic way of saying that you don’t know an answer to a question. Read below some scenarios where the acronym is applicable on Snapchat:

  • When you indeed don’t know a reply to a question(s).
  • When you want to express uncertainty about a thing, person, or issue.
  • When you want to end a boring or uncomfortable conversation with a friend or stranger.
  • When you know the answer to a question asked but blatantly didn’t want to give it because of confidentiality, to gauge the other party’s mind, or just because you don’t want to answer (we sometimes have bad or moody days when all we can say is ‘IDEK’).

It would be best to use it as a simple acronym in informal conversations. There could be professional conversations with potential employers, colleagues, or business partners. Stick to ‘I don’t even know’ when having formal conversations on Snapchat.


If you feel whoever you are snap chatting with is asking for sensitive information you are uncomfortable answering, use ‘IDEK’ to shut them politely. The high chances are that the conversation will end sooner than you expect.

How To Reply When You Receive a Message With ‘IDEK’

When someone sends you an ‘IDEK’ text, reply by following up with another question to see if they can answer. You might get a clue about your answer from the reply. Or, you can give an affirmative answer.

For instance, if you ask ‘Do you know his current residence?’ and the reply is ‘IDEK,’ you can send a message saying, ‘I can ask his elder brother for his address. Or, can you find his address from his elder brother?

Wrap Up

Learning new words, meanings, and slang on Snapchat can be fun. An acronym that is easy to use on the platform and elsewhere is ‘IDEK.’

It is the simplest way of replying to questions you can’t answer (whether or not you know their answers). Depending on the conversation, the sender, and your mood, you can continue to chat or end it there. 

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