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What Does “PMO” Mean on Instagram?

What Does Pmo Mean On Instagram

While connecting with friends on Instagram, you will encounter various slang terms that imply different things. When you are up to date with the meaning of these slang terms, you quickly understand and flow with the conversation.

So, do you know what “PMO” means on Instagram and when and how you can use it? Keep reading the article to learn.

Quick Answer

“PMO” can have two meanings on Instagram, depending on its use. It could mean “Put Me On,” someone’s way of telling you to connect them with someone or something. Also, it could mean “Pisses Me Off”, which is someone’s way of telling you something pisses them off.

We will discuss what “PMO” means on Instagram and offer various examples to help you understand what it means and how you can use it. Also, we will cover other phrases like “PMO” and address frequently asked questions about “PMO” on Instagram.

What Does “PMO” Mean on Instagram?

With the new generation, people are ever on the move to define new acronyms and phrases to code their language. Most of these terms are coined by teens to mark their language, and when you are not informed, you may feel left out.

There are two meanings of “PMO” on Instagram.

First, PMO can be used for “put me on”. Here, “PMO” means link me up, and when someone tells you “PMO”, it’s a direct way of telling you to link them with someone or something.

For example, if someone DMs you, “Hey, can you link me with your sister?”

Here, the person requests you to link them with your sister by sending her number or introducing them face to face.

Also, you can post something on your Instagram story, and someone texts you, “Your sneakers are dope! PMO with your dealer.”

In the above example, someone appreciates your sneakers and requests you to link them with your sneaker dealer for them to buy such.

Secondly, PMO can be used for “pisses me off”. Here, “PMO” means something pisses someone.

For instance, someone can DM you, “Today’s game was shit. That manager PMO badly.” The person is telling you how the manager in charge of the game they played pisses them off and makes the game dull.

Also, someone can use PMO when they want to tell you something that pisses them off, like in this statement, “I hate pancakes, they PMO.”

In this context, someone is telling you pancakes piss them off.

So, the next time someone on Instagram messages you “PMO” or posts something with a caption of “PMO”, know they mean it pisses them off, or they want you to link them up.

Other Instagram Phrases

Like PMO, you can meet other acronyms and phrases being used on Instagram, and it could happen that you don’t know what they mean. Let’s have a few examples of other Instagram terms.

  • SMO (Shout Me Out) – It is used when someone wants you to mention them on your social media platforms, including Instagram.
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) – People use it when they want to give you the freedom to ask them any question, and they will answer.
  • ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5)– It is used when someone wants you to explain something to them in the most straightforward way, like explaining to a 5-year-old child.
  • FYI (For Your Information) – It is used when explaining something, and you want to highlight a key takeaway in the conversation. Thus, you add FYI to emphasize what you say next.


We’ve covered the two meanings of “PMO” on Instagram using practical examples.

Hopefully, with reference to this guide, you can now comfortably use “PMO” on Instagram, and when someone messages you with “PMO” included, you can understand what they mean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “PMO” on Instagram?

“PMO” can stand for “pisses me off” to mean something or someone pisses the other person. Also, it can mean “put me on,” which is someone’s way of telling you to link them up with someone or something.

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