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What Does “CC” Mean on Instagram?

What Does Cc Mean On Instagram

There are various acronyms that you can come across on Instagram, and one of them is “CC.”

There are obvious words that you know what they stand for, but there are those you need to search for their meaning online.

If you don’t know what “CC” means on Instagram, this guide has your back.

Quick Answer

On Instagram, there are various contexts where you can encounter “CC.” The common one is when someone posts a picture or video with some coloring effect. In such a case, “CC” means “coloring credit,” which is a courteous way of recognizing someone for their effort. Also, “CC” can stand for “comments and concerns.”

We’ll cover the different ways “CC” can be used on Instagram, and for each, we will use an example to help us understand the meaning better. Moreover, we will see other common acronyms used on Snapchat and conclude with the frequently asked questions about “CC” and other such terms.

What is “CC” on Instagram?

Instagram is more than just a social media platform.

People use the platform for business activities, including getting endorsements, promotions, and selling artwork.

Therefore, you will often encounter some acronyms that require research to understand their meaning.

There are different meanings of “CC” on Instagram.

Meaning #1: Creative Commons

Creative Commons Cc On Instagram

In this case, “CC” is a license that permits creators to share their work with others freely. The content shared could be articles, videos, or pictures.

If you come across an Instagram photo with a “CC” license, that’s a way of telling you that you can share the picture without copyright issues or permission from the creator.

Meaning #2: Color Credit

A good way of crediting someone for their color correction on a given picture or video is to use “CC.”

The same applies when you need to re-post someone’s content on Instagram, and as a gesture of goodwill, you want to give credit to the person who wrote the caption.

For instance, if you want to re-post a photo with a funny caption and the image is posted on another person’s Instagram account, you can post the picture and add “CC” followed by the Instagram username.

If it’s someone you are giving credit for their color correction, you can post the content, and at the bottom, add the message “CC: @person.”

That way, you acknowledge the person who did the color correction to the video, picture, or clip.

Meaning #3: Comments and Concerns

Most social platforms use “CC” as a way to get views from people.

For instance, someone can post their picture on Instagram and add a “CC” below it to welcome comments. Again, someone can comment something like, “CC: dope hair” to compliment your hair.

So, you know what it means the next time you see “CC” on an Instagram post.

Meaning #4: “CC” on Email

Cc On Email

When conversing with someone, they may mention “CC” when referring to emails. On emails, “CC” is a way of sending someone a copy of an email. A message like, “Hey, did you CC the Admin in the email?”

The sender asks if you “CCed” the admin when sending your emails.


Knowing what various acronyms mean when used on Instagram is an added advantage.

This guide covered what CC means when used on Instagram, and we saw the multiple meanings the acronym can have.

Depending on where CC gets used on Instagram, you now understand what it means the next time you encounter it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “CC” mean on an Instagram Reel?

On Reels, “CC” is added, followed by a person’s name to acknowledge them for color correcting on the reel. If someone shares the Instagram reel with you and comments “CC,” it is a way of telling you to give your comments regarding the reel.

Where can I use “CC” on Instagram?

“CC” can have various meanings, as discussed in the article. For instance, you can use it to acknowledge someone, comment on something, or within a chat when refereeing to the “CC” used with emails. The four meanings of “CC” presented in this post can be used in various contexts on Instagram.

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