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How to Add Picture to Snapchat (Complete Guide)

How To Add Picture To Snapchat

Back in 2011, Snapchat started as an advanced picture-sharing app with all those attractive emoticons. However, things are not as simple as that anymore. Now, you can add texts, filters, pictures, videos, locations, lenses and even share them with your friends.

With its ever-growing helpful yet complex features, it has become hard for users to distinguish the right way to add pictures to Snapchat from camera roll, Snapchat itself, and memories. In case you’re also shaking your head and facing the same problem.

Well, worry not, you’re in the right hands. Here, we have covered all possible ways to add pictures to Snapchat. Let’s get into it!

How Many Ways Are There To Add Pictures to Snapchat?

Snapchat has become a popular instant messaging and photo-sharing app over time. More new qualities are getting introduced in Snapchat. You can find it challenging to differentiate which path to take to upload pictures on Snapchat.

It is an extreme sport to see how to upload stories from camera roll, memories, or exchange picture snaps on Snapchat. Snapchat allows three ways of uploading pictures. The process can depend on how you want to upload the picture.


Snapchat story is a feature of Snapchat which allows users to upload pictures to their Snapchat profile. Only your friends can view your story if your account is private. However, if it is public, everyone can view your story.

You can change privacy settings to control who can see your story picture and who cannot.

Don’t get overwhelmed. We have discussed all how to add pictures to Snapchat in detail. What are you waiting for? Dive in as there’s much more you need to know.

Uploading Picture on Snapchat

The picture can be added to your story when you upload the photo to your My Story. Don’t know how to do that? Be at ease for doing that as we have concluded a complete in-depth guide for you.

Adding pictures to Snapchat has now become easy. We are here to save you both effort and time. Here’s a complete walkthrough to help you, from opening Snapchat to selecting pictures to add them to your story by different means.


Snapchat stories disappear after 24-hours. They can be viewed multiple times by your viewers. You can see if anyone takes a screenshot of your added picture.

Method #1: Adding Picture to Snapchat

In this method, you will learn how to add pictures to Snapchat; with the Snapchat camera.

Step #1: Open Snapchat on Your Phone

You need to launch the Snapchat app by clicking on it in this step. If you have not downloaded it yet, here are links to resources that can direct you to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App store. After that, you may continue making an account.

Step #2: Take a Picture on Snapchat

When you open the app, you’ll see a camera window and a round icon to help you take a picture. Now, take a selfie or any photo that you want to add to your Snapchat story.


After clicking the picture, you can swipe by the sides to add filters and effects to it. You can also enhance and change the picture settings by the sidebar menu.

Step #3: Tap on the Arrow icon

After successfully clicking a picture, you may look down the screen. You’ll have a “send to” option in front of you. Click on it.

Sending The Snap

Step #4: Click on My Story and Hit the Arrow icon

Select My Story. After selecting the send to option, you’ll see your screen showing options about where to upload the snap. Now click on the blue arrow below. Yes, your picture has been added to your story successfully.

Saving Snap To A Story

That was all from our side about adding a picture to Snapchat from Snapchat. Now, let’s get into adding a picture from your camera roll to Snapchat.

Method #2: Adding Camera Roll Pictures to Snapchat

It’s time to take your favorite selfies and attractive sunsets to be uploaded at your Snapchat story right from your gallery.

  1. Open Snapchat on your phone.
  2. Click the left icon which seems like an image or swipe up on the screen.
    Adding Camera Roll Pictures To A Story
  3. You’ll get these 4 Options. Select the Camera Roll and get into your gallery.
    Adding Camera Roll Pictures To A Story
  4. Tap on the picture you want to add to Snapchat for a few seconds. A menu will appear at the end.
    Selecting A Picture To Add To Snapchat
  5. Click on the blue arrow and select the “My Story” option.
    Adding Pictures To Story

Method #3: Adding Memories to Snapchat

Did you miss sending some snaps to the story? No problem, here are a few steps that you can follow to upload memories to the story.

  1. Open Snapchat and access your memories by clicking on the left icon or simply swipe up as done while adding camera roll. Select Snaps.
    Adding Memories To Snapchat
  2. After that, select the memory you want to add to the Snapchat story for a few and upload by clicking on the blue arrow.
    Adding Memories To Snapchat
  3. Select “My story” and click on the blue arrow to send the snap to the story.


Although there’s a lot of fun and craziness on Snapchat, sometimes the most straightforward terms can mislead us. We hope that you would have found the answers you were looking for. In this guide, we have concluded three methods for adding a picture to Snapchat.

Now, you can follow the listed instructions and add pictures to your Snapchat non-stop and share your funny moments with friends and family. Go ahead and try these features now. Best of luck with your snapping!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add multiple pictures to the story?

As you select your first snap after tapping on it for a few seconds, you can choose more pictures you want to add to Snapchat by just clicking on them. After that, you can tap on the blue arrow and add pictures to “My Story“.

How to view filters on Snapchat?

When you open Snapchat, a smiley icon will appear on the right side of the round icon below. Click on it. Or you can keep your face in front of the camera and tap on the screen for a few seconds. Filters will appear.

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