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What Does “GN” Mean on TikTok

What Does Gn Mean Tiktok

Slangs have become an inherent part of the internet, with millions of people using them in everyday conversation. On social platforms especially, you see a myriad of slang in comments, captions, and direct messaging. Some of these slangs are popularly known, like “gn” for goodnight, but social media users have recently added layers of meaning to the term.

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On TikTok, you might see in the comments of a video post the abbreviation “gn.” Depending on the type of content posted, “gn” can mean the typical “goodnight,” you know, or it could mean something new with a sexual implication. Teenagers and young adults have given “gn” a new meaning: “get naked,” requesting whoever they’re commenting on to remove their clothes.

This meaning of “gn” did not originate primarily on TikTok but from social platforms that allow sexually explicit content like Snapchat and Twitter. However, TikTok has strong policies against nudity, so you won’t be seeing anybody get naked on the app.

This article will see instances where “gn” might mean goodnight or get naked in context.

When Does “GN” Mean Goodnight On TikTok?

Generally, “gn” should mean goodnight for anybody that has been using the abbreviation over the years now. “Gn” was the cool way to bid someone to have a good sleep as it is an abbreviation of the word “goodnight”. However, times are moving fast, and youths have more access to content that would have been deemed strictly for adults in times past.

Twitter, for instance, is accessible to people 13 years and older, likewise Snapchat. However, these two social platforms are notorious for the explicit content that gets posted there without regulations. From platforms like these, everyday slang and abbreviations can start to have connotations.

However, to know when a person is still telling to have a goodnight with “gn,” see this illustrated conversation below.

  • Brittany: Hi, Chris. I had a very stressful day at work today.
  • Chris: Oh. Do you want to go to bed early?
  • Brittany: Yes, I do. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
  • Chris: Yeah, sure. Gn.

Typically, everything in that conversation leads to the point where they bid each other goodnight, hence the use and meaning of gn.

The above example illustrated a conversation. However, you might not expect a lot of people to use TikTok as a platform for conversations. Hence, you want to look out for captions and comments with the “gn” slang. Many people use their captions in hashtags, so you might see people having #goodnight and #gn in the same caption.

The use of both of them typically tells you the person is implying a goodnight, and if people are replying to the post with “gn,” they mean it as goodnight too.

When Does “GN” Connote Other Meanings On Tiktok?

Regardless of how strict TikTok gets with its community guidelines and policies, there are still many suggestive videos on the platform. These videos typically attract the audience they’re meant for and are where you might find slang with sexual implications. If you see the use of “gn” in the comments by multiple people, they mean the slang to be “get naked.”

Beyond video posts, TikTok also allows Livestream, which could be for various purposes. As established, there are accounts known for suggestive videos, and when they go live, you’re bound to see provocative comments popping up on their Livestream. If you see “gn,” it’s definitely not telling such a person to have a good night’s rest.


TikTok is always on the lookout for people violating its rules, and it does not take long before it clamps down on people with suggestive comments and videos. The use of “gn” other than “goodnight” becomes more popular by the day, and TikTok will soon start suspending accounts involved in the usage.

You might come across the use of the “gn” slang on other social platforms other than TikTok. It’s up to you to decipher the meaning in the context used. If it’s ever used on you and you find it offensive or uncomfortable, do not hesitate to report and block the account.


If you did not know the two-sided meaning of “gn” on TikTok or other social platforms, now you do. As it gets more popular on the internet, it’d be best to think twice before using it in comments or text.

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