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What Does “RQ” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Rq&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is taking over social media because of its unique features and functions. One of the baffling things is how much the dialect on the platform has changed. You hardly find users who text on Snapchat in complete form without including a single abbreviation. Have you seen “RQ” on Snapchat and wondered what it meant?

Short Answer

“RQ” is the short form for real quick. It is internet slang to mean very fast. A Snapchat user might use this to show urgency.

This article covers all the information you need to know about this acronym. It includes its meaning, usage, replies, and other meanings that might apply on Snapchat depending on the context.

What Is “RQ”?

“RQ” is a casual shorthand way of expressing urgency or speed. It is seen in inbox chats and snaps across the platform. The most typical definition for “RQ” on Snapchat is “real quick.”

It is an informal way of saying “very fast.” Depending on the context, it shows how fast action needs to be done or was done. But, in most cases, it isn’t used to mean an emergency.

Unless otherwise, be careful to assess its use to identify if it is a matter of urgency or emergency. The abbreviation can be easy to guess among people who have seen it or used it on other platforms.

However, novices will have to crack their heads and still not get the answer right.

How Is “RQ” Used?

You can use “RQ” as you would in a phone or one-on-one conversation with another party. It is a casual way of saying “real quick.” Here, it shows the urgency of action.

If you want to start a conversation with a Snapchat friend, be careful when using “RQ” with them. You don’t want to sound like you are commanding or harassing them.

Ensure you maintain courtesy while at it. For instance, you can say, “I will confirm the date and get back to you RQ.”

When To Use “RQ” on Snapchat?

“RQ” is a casual way of expressing the speed or urgency of action. Check out some instances you can use the abbreviation on Snapchat:

  • When you need a Snapchat friend’s opinion on something in the shortest time possible.
  • If borrowing something that you need to use shortly and will return in no time.
  • When you want to answer a question indirectly but insinuate an unspoken reply – mostly, you use it at the end of the sentence, e.g.:
    1. Friend: Hi, I heard you smashed the other team and won the contest yesterday, is it true?
    2. You: RQ.
  • If you add to a sentence to make it bossy, e.g., “I’m gonna be done, RQ.
  • When tension escalates or something goes from good to worse in a short while.
Use in Casual Conversations

Even though “RQ” doesn’t sound offensive in both spoken or written form, maintain its use within your casual circles. It is inappropriate to use it in formal conversations. You want to sound and remain professional even if whoever you are conversing with is your mate or younger than you.

How To Reply to “RQ” on Snapchat?

When someone sends you a snap or inbox with “RQ,” you can reply with something as basic as “OK” or “Thanks” if the statement doesn’t need a specific answer. Also, you can choose to ignore it if you feel uncomfortable responding.

Sometimes, Snapchat users can be weird and sound forceful or commanding. If you feel offended by a statement with “RQ,” it is best to tell the other party how you feel. Be courteous while at it to avoid the conversation going South.

Other Meanings of ‘RQ’

Despite “RQ,” meaning “real quick” on Snapchat, it could also be the short form for respiratory quotient, rage quit, or random question. But, there are other meanings in the statistics, business, biology, science, and geography sectors.

Before replying to any text with “RQ” on Snapchat, check if it means “real quick” or something else. You might want to inquire if it means something different.


Snapchat’s abbreviations are becoming interesting as the days go by. One is “RQ,” which means “real quick.” You will easily use this in casual conversations to show urgency without raising the alarm or an emergency.

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