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What Does “SUS” Mean on Twitter?

What Does Sus Mean On Twitter

“Sus” is a common term that has been seen on Twitter, although there could be users who don’t understand what it means.

If you have come across the term on Twitter and don’t know its meaning, continue reading this article to know the meaning and how to use it effectively!

Quick Answer

“Sus” is a slang term that stands for “suspicious”. The term is common when people express something that doesn’t look genuine or trustworthy. The term is often shared on Twitter, WhatsApp, and other platforms and has been used to mean the same thing.

Failure to understand the standard slang terms used on social media platforms can make someone wish to opt out. But there is no need for that when you can quickly know what “sus” means on Twitter and how to use it by reading this guide. Also, understand the origin of the term and the answers many users ask regarding the sus term!

What Does “SUS” Mean on Twitter?

“Sus” means “suspicious” on Twitter and other social media platforms and describes situations that don’t seem honest and trustworthy.

When the term is used, it gives an impression that something is questionable.

What Is the Origin of “SUS”?

“Sus” was first defined in the Urban Dictionary in 2003 to mean “suspicious”. Although the term has existed for a long time, it was never popular until lately. Many believe the term became common on Twitter because of the Among Us video game.

The video game became one of the most successful games of 2020. In the game, many players were working together to identify the imposters among them. The term “sus” became a popular term as it would get referred to in most cases when a player was suspected to be an imposter.

When the Among Us content got introduced to famous platforms like TikTok, memes emerged, making the word famous.

It is not that “sus” never existed, but the video game Among Us made it a viral slang term on Twitter and other platforms. Thus, “sus” was officially defined in 2003, but it went viral in 2020 after the video game Among Us went viral.

How To Use “SUS” on Twitter

“Sus” term can be used when referring to things and people that seem suspicious. When you want to suggest that a person is shady, you can use it instead of the name suspicious, but it would mean the same thing.

When you believe someone with a questionable character cannot be trusted, “sus” becomes a fit term to use. Moreover, if a deal is advertised but seems shady, the term “sus” can be used to describe the deal as untrustworthy.

Therefore, “sus” is a great term when referring to situations and people who cannot be trusted or are not honest.


Twitter stands out for offering hot topics that you can follow when you have time to spare.

However, if you are not well equipped with the common slang used on the platform, you may not know what people mean.

Thus, if you don’t know how to use “sus” on Twitter or what it means, read this guide, and follow conversations without issues!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “SUS”?

“Sus” is a common term used among young people and means “suspicious”. If someone or something seems untrustworthy or shady, the term is used. The term may also refer to the Among Us video game that became popular in 2020.

When was “SUS” first used?

“Sus” is an old term first defined in the Urban Dictionary in 2003. Many people think the term emerged in 2020, but it existed long ago, and the meaning has never changed.

How can I use “SUS” on social media?

“Sus” is a common term you must have seen used by many people and wondered how you could use it. “Sus” is a perfect term to use when you want to denote something that is shady and cannot be trusted. Moreover, when people are describing how legit a deal is and think it cannot be trusted, you can use “sus” to express your idea.

What does “SUS” mean in the Among Us video game?

If you are a fan of the Among Us video game, you must have seen “sus” being used in most cases. When “sus” is used in Among Us, it means “suspicious”.

What does my son mean when he calls me “SUS”?

“Sus” has been used to mean “suspicious”. However, many young people may use it as a joke to tease you or mean they don’t trust what you say.

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