What Does “Furry” Mean in Discord?

What Does Furry Mean In Discord

When using Discord, you will often come across different words or phrases representing different meanings or people.

When used to refer to people, some words have a hidden meaning. You’ve probably heard the term “furry” on Discord but are unsure why someone used it or what it means.

By the end of today’s post, you will understand what “furry” means on Discord.

Quick Answer

When you are someone who hobbies wearing anthropomorphic animal costumes to take on their characteristics, you will be referred to as a “furry”.

There are plenty of furries on Discord, and servers created only for furries. Moreover, Discord has a furry fandom, a large and inclusive community of people who love anthropomorphic animals. These people join together in different servers and, in some cases, organize for furries conventions.

We will understand what a Discord furry is while mentioning the characteristics these furries have. Still, we will mention different Discord furry servers you can join if you are a furry and how to be a furry. Let’s get started!

What Does “Furry” Mean in Discord

Discord is a hub for everyone, irrespective of your hobbies or character. There is room for everyone, and different Discord communities will accommodate you depending on your interest.

Anthropomorphic animals are referred to as furries if they take the characteristics of human beings, such as speaking or walking on two legs.

Someone who enjoys wearing anthropomorphic animal costumes can also be addressed as a furry on Discord. There are different furry communities where furries can join and be a member of the furry group.

How To Be a Furry

When you want to join the furry fandom and share your creativity as a furry, there are different approaches you can use.

Join a Discord Furry Community

Discord has numerous furry servers where furries join to communicate and exchange ideas. Hence, if you plan to be a furry, you can start by joining such communities to interact with others and learn different things.

Examples of such servers include The Furry Assembly, Fluffy Abyss, The Furry Agenda, Vistas, Furry Hollow, and Fellowship Furries.

Once you’ve joined the furry community, participate in the discussion boards. Start commenting and interacting with other furries in the community. You can create your furry fan art and share it with others in the community to get their views about your creative work.

Where possible, consider accepting requests or commissions for sharing your work. That way, you create room for others to know about you and your work. Attend the in-person furry conventions, and feel free to carry your creative work to showcase it.

Eventually, you will create new bonds and friendships with fellow furries.

Create a Fursona

As a furry, you need an avatar of your animal species. You can choose any species, create its hybrid, or design a made-up creature and use its avatar to represent you. You can share the fursona as your Discord profile.

Moreover, you can save and purchase a fursuit for your fursona and use it as your costume when attending a physical furry convention.

When creating the fursona, make it unique using different paints and give it a name of your choice.


A “furry” on Discord refers to someone who hobbies anthropomorphic animals and creates fursona of different anthropomorphic animals.

There are different furry communities on Discord; anyone can join them to become a furry or create their fursona.

This guide has explained the term “furry” on Discord while giving examples of furry communities on Discord.

Still, we’ve seen two approaches to becoming a furry.

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