Why Do Guys Ask for WhatsApp?

Why Do Guys Ask For Whatsapp

WhatsApp has evolved as one of the most sought-out messaging apps in recent years, and for a good reason. It’s convenient, easy to use, and offers many features that simplify communication.

However, one thing that still needs to be clarified for many people is why guys ask for your WhatsApp number. Is it just a way to start a conversation? Or are they interested in talking to you?

Quick Answer

There are a few reasons why guys ask for WhatsApp numbers. One reason is that they want to be able to talk to you more easily. They might also want to share pictures or videos with you. If a guy asks for your WhatsApp number, it’s usually a sign that he’s interested in you and wishes to take things further.

There are various aspects related to a guy asking for your WhatsApp number. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Where Can Guys Ask You for WhatsApp Number?

There are ample ways where you meet a guy who asks you for your WhatsApp number. Whether it’s safe or not is something to be discussed later. However, the platforms where you can attract such people are listed below.

Instagram & Facebook

Instagram And Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are veritable goldmines of connections where expanding circles and meeting new people isn’t impossible. With over 1.3 billion active users, Instagram relays a great way to engage with strangers and form connections.

People send each other requests and messages all the time, which paves the way for a meaningful connection. If you’re a woman and have started chatting with a guy in the DMs, chances are, he will soon ask you for your WhatsApp number.



TikTok is where most people post their short videos and gather likes and comments to be popular. However, the app isn’t so you can watch satisfactory mini-videos, but it also offers an excellent opportunity to attract better attention.

If your videos are what guys like, they will contact you in the DMs, which may lead them to ask you for your WhatsApp number.

Dating Apps

Dating Apps

Dating Apps have opened the floodgates of unwanted advances and unsolicited messages. However, many dating sites have made it so that they can only send you a message if you approve their request.

Once you match, you can start a conversation, and if the guy is interested, he may ask you for your WhatsApp number.

Dating Apps For a Secure Experience

If you’ve had poor experiences on dating sites and don’t want to engage with such a crowd or with apps with lax security, these apps are the solution: eHarmony, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Happn.

Reasons Why a Guy Asks You for WhatsApp Number

If you’ve ever wondered why a guy would ask for your WhatsApp number, you’re not alone. In today’s digital age, it’s common for people to communicate primarily through texting and social media.

So why would a guy bother asking for your WhatsApp number if he could message you directly on whatever site you first met on? Here are a few possible explanations.

  • He’s interested in getting to know you more and wants to have more personal conversations than what is possible through WhatsApp.
  • He likes texting you whenever he wants without waiting for you to be online on the platform you first met.
  • He’s hoping to save your phone number so he can easily message you or call you in an emergency.
  • He wants to add you to a group chat with his friends so they can all talk together.
  • He thinks it would be fun to exchange photos and videos through WhatsApp instead of just text messages.

Whatever the reason, if a guy asks for your WhatsApp number, he’s likely interested in continuing the conversation with you outside the app. So go ahead and give him your number – you might be surprised at where it leads! However, it’s not always as it looks. Here are some red flags you can look out for!

Dating Apps: Reds Flags To Look For

Dating sites are great places to meet new people, but there can also be gold miners and scammers. So how do you realize if a guy you meet on a dating site is legit? Here are four red flags to watch out for.

  • He asks for your WhatsApp number before you’ve even met in person. This is a major red flag, as he likely wants your number to spam you with messages or even sell it to third-party marketers.
  • He refuses to video chat with you. If a guy is legit, he should have no problem video chatting with you so you can see each other’s faces. If he’s not interested in video chatting, he’s likely hiding something.
  • He wants to avoid meeting in person. Again, if a guy is legit, he should be more than happy to meet you in person. If he’s not interested in meeting up, it’s a huge red flag.
  • He’s always busy and can never seem to make time for you. If a guy is legitimately interested in you, he’ll make time for you. If he’s always too busy to meet up or even have a conversation, it’s likely that he’s not interested and is just stringing you along.
  • He keeps asking for unsolicited pictures and information about you. A legitimate guy wouldn’t ask you for information or photos you may be uncomfortable sharing.

If you find a guy on a dating site and any of these red flags pop up, proceed with caution and don’t give him your WhatsApp number until you’ve met him in person and are sure he’s legit.


So, what’s the verdict? Why do guys ask for WhatsApp numbers? The answer is probably a little bit of everything. Sometimes it may be because they want to stay in touch; other times, it may be because they want to flirt or move things offline faster.

But ultimately, there isn’t one single answer that fits all situations. Guys will continue to ask for WhatsApp numbers because it works – and girls should keep giving them out when it feels right! Thanks so much for reading – we hope this article was helpful.

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