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How To Start a Conversation on Messenger With a Guy?

How To Start A Conversation On Messenger With A Guy

A simple “hi” and a smile would have worked out in real life. In this case, we are talking about this new guy who’s turned you into a stalker on Messenger.

You’ve tried countless times to initiate a conversation with them. However, you always back out. So, how do you start texting a guy without seeming desperate or cheesy? Can a simple “hi” depict a confident you? 

Quick Answer

A “hi” is boring. It won’t spur an engaging conversation. A “hi” backed with an honest compliment is a good conversation starter. You can also start it with an open-ended question. Take advantage of his interests or hobbies. They act as great conversation starters. Alternatively, you can refer to something interesting he might have shared on Facebook. 

We understand that initiating conversations with a stranger is nail-biting. It is even worse if you admire them. But we are here to help you. Continue reading the guide to learn how to initiate a chat with a guy on Messenger. 

Starting a Conversation on Messenger With a Guy

We live in a society where people lose interest quickly. So, it’s understandable if you’re anxious about that first text. People often agonize over an unmatched conversation opener for hours.

Will they lose interest or ignore you once you tap the send button? Will it make a good impression? Can a joke work? You’d want to give the guy a great first impression and leave a smile on their face. 

Any conversation starter needs to be thoughtful. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it in real life or online. Here are some great openers for flowing Messenger chat moments.

A Bold Opener 

No guy can walk away from a confident and outright woman. So, a bold direct-to-point conversation opener will get an immediate follow-up response. Ditch the obvious “hi” or “what’s up” openers. Why would you waste your chance on an unthoughtful or unimaginative opener? 

Be vulnerable and tell them that you’re thinking about them. It’s bold, but you’ll get a response. You can also take the creative route and merge the “I am thinking about you” line with one of their hobbies.

For instance, your opener may sound like that if they love to dance – “I was learning x choreography, and your dancing gimmicks got me thinking of you. Do you mind dragging me along into your dancing world?”

It’s a bold move, but it’ll elicit an answer from the guy. But don’t send plain texts. Spice it up with emojis but don’t string the emojis. Also, try to keep the conversation lighthearted and go with the flow. Don’t ever force a guy to reply to your texts over Messenger. 

Guys Love Sharing Their Recommendations

“A damsel in distress” always works. Take this route as you ask for his recommendation. But ensure you narrow it down to something he enjoys doing.

If he loves food, then center your request around food. If it’s music, you’ll have to do some research and boost his confidence with a music-related recommendation request. 

The guy will know that you value his input and are interested in what he says. 

A Compliment Also Works

It feels good to hear compliments from friends or people we love. But it’s more heartfelt if it’s coming from a stranger. 

Guys, just like girls, love compliments. It may sound silly, but it puts you in the right spot. A genuine compliment does a number on a guy’s confidence and self-esteem. He will feel valued and shift his attention to you. 

Cheesy compliments will not work. Celebrate his passions, characters, or physical appearance.

You can type it like this – “Your response to x was out of this world. I still can’t believe that you did that. Wow! You deserve a standing ovation.” 

Or a simple “Blue looks good on you.”

Always use a compliment that shows you’ve been paying attention to them or their interests. Also, don’t forget to use the details he shares on Messenger or Facebook if you’re friends on Facebook. 

Shared Interest 

There is a chance you’ll have a common interest with this guy. Use the shared interest to kickstart a conversation with him.

You can tell someone’s interest through the photos they share online. Go over his social media platforms and find a common interest you may share with them. 

Use his interests to instigate a conversation with them. It can be a location, book, food, TV show, music, et cetera. If he loves reading books, your conversation starter can center around a book he is reading. 

Make It Funny Using Memes

Something funny will always elicit a reply from someone. Therefore, think of using a funny meme or GIF as your conversation opener on Messenger. Messenger supports GIFs.

Memes or GIFs also are good ways to show them your personality. 

Don’t send a blank meme or GIF. Follow it up with a text that may prompt an answer from the guy. 

Send a Teaser

A teaser lets you flirt without putting it in plain sight. It will allow him to see your playful side. It’s a great icebreaker and a good way to show him that he can talk about anything with you.


Add a playful emoji to your teaser.

Wrapping Up

Starting a chat with a guy on Messenger isn’t challenging. You only need to be confident and make your opener use a fantastic opener. 

A compliment, a funny meme, GIF, a teaser, or a recommendation are perfect starters. Don’t overthink it. All you have to do is take a risk.

You need to know if you’ve got enough spark to hold a flowy conversation with them. 

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