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What Does “FB” Mean in Text?

What Does &Quot;Fb&Quot; Mean In Text

If you like texting or just communicating online, you’ve probably come across abbreviated terms that you don’t understand. While some of these are random, sentences cut down to a single word, others have become standard across platforms, “FB” is one of the latter. It can have a few different meanings depending on the context in which it’s used. So, what are the possible meanings of “FB”?

Quick Answer

In general, “FB” stands for Facebook, but it’s also used on other social media platforms with the meaning of “follow back.” In a professional setting, it’s often used in place of feedback. “FB” also stands for “f*** buddies,” a slang phrase for friends with benefits.

Since there is no one standard definition of “FB,” we’ve compiled some of the most common usages of “FB” below, so you’ll know what it means next time you see it in the text.

“FB” Meaning As Facebook

Fb Meaning As Facebook

“FB” stands for Facebook in its most basic form. Generally, if you see “FB” in text or social media, it’s safe to assume the person is referring to Facebook. For example, when someone says, “I just posted this status on fb” or “My fb is blowing up with comments,” they’re talking about their Facebook account.

“FB” can also be used to describe something related to Facebook. So, for example, “fb friends” mean Facebook friends, or “fb posts” mean Facebook posts.

When used as a verb, “FB” can also mean interacting with someone via Facebook. So, if you are “fbing” something, you’re posting it on the website or sharing it through the site’s messenger.

But Facebook isn’t the only thing that “FB” can stand for. In fact, it has quite a few other meanings, and you’ll be surprised at how often it’s used.

“FB” In Other Social Media Platforms

Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have their version of “FB.” There, “FB” stands for follow back, meaning that if someone follows you on the platform, you should follow them back.

This is often seen in comments or captions, as in “following all who FB.” It’s a way of building up a following quickly and easily, and it’s also a way of showing support for other users on the platform.

“FB” Meaning In Professional Setting

“Fb” Meaning In Professional Setting

Though “FB” is mostly cyber slang, you might also see it crop up in office settings or other professional environments.

In these cases, “FB” stands for “feedback.” So, when your boss says something like “need your FB on the sakes deck,” or your professor asks for “FB on the topic,” they’re asking for input or thoughts. This type of communication is typically done via email or in work chats.

“FB” Meaning In Dating Terms

Of course, the dating world has its own slang, and “FB” has found a place there too. In the dating realm, “FB” stands for “f*** buddy” or “friend with benefits,” which is someone you have a sexual relationship with but aren’t technically dating. Basically, no emotional attachment or commitment is involved. You enjoy each other’s company and have some fun without any strings attached.

So, if you have seen someone’s profile on Tinder, and they’re looking for FB, they’re looking for a friend with benefits.

“FB” Abbreviation for Other Terms

Though not so common, “FB” can also stand for a few other terms.

  • Fantasy Football – “I can’t believe I just won my fb league!”
  • Foreign-Born – “I am fb, and I need to apply for citizenship.”​
  • Fast Break – “That player just took a fb and scored the game-winning goal.”
  • First base – “She just hit a fb and is now rounding first base.”
  • Funny Bone – “Ouch, that joke hit my FB!”


So as you can see, “FB” isn’t always about Facebook. This abbreviation is now a part of the cyber language and can mean many different things depending on the context. It could be referring to feedback, following back, friends with benefits, or even fantasy football. It may be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using “FB” like a pro!

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