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How To Delete All Likes on Twitter

How To Delete All Likes On Twitter

Ever wonder whether you can mass unlike likes on Twitter? You may wish to bulk-delete Twitter likes, especially if they contradict your current views. Manually deleting each like may not be feasible. Can you do it with a single tap? Is there a tool one can use to delete all the Like they have left on Twitter?

Quick Answer

Leaving a like on a tweet is quick and easy to do. In the same manner, it’s easy peasy to unlike a tweet. Simply unlike by re-tapping the like button. However, if you decide to unlike all likes you’ve left on Twitter, it can be tedious to press the “Unlike” button. You can use third-party apps and software to bulk-delete these likes. Alternatively, you can use “delete” codes.

Let’s explore Twitter likes and how to bulk-delete them.

Unliking All Twitter Likes  

There are various ways to delete all likes you’ve left on Twitter.

Method #1: Manually Unliking All Likes

Twitter has no provisions users can use to bulk delete likes. The only option Twitter provides is manually unliking all your favorites. It is easy but exhausting and timing-consuming. Manually delete them if they’re countable.

You can do the “unliking” using your android device, PC, or iOS device.

On Twitter App:

  1. Tap the Twitter app icon to launch Twitter.
  2. On the homepage, tap the profile icon.
  3. Click the Profile button.
  4. Navigate to the Likes section on your profile page. Tap Likes.
  5. You’ll see all the tweets you’ve liked since you joined Twitter.
  6. Tap the Like symbol (heart) to delete each like on Twitter.

Deleting Likes Via Web:

  1. Open your browser and go to Twitter’s login page.
  2. Tap the person icon/profile picture to go to the profile page.
  3. Move to the Likes section. Open it by tapping Likes.
  4. Tap the heart icon to delete your likes.

Sadly, Twitter only lets you delete the last 3200 likes.

Method #2: Bulk Delete Likes Using Third-Party Tools

Although Twitter doesn’t let you delete likes in bulk, you can use third-party tools such as Circleboom and Twitter archive eraser


Circleboom lets you remove likes on Twitter in bulk. There is a free and premium version. If you’re using an android phone or Pc, you’ll have to use the Circleboom website. There is a Circleboom app for iOS devices. It’s available on the app store.

  1. Head to the Circleboom website.
  2. Click the Use free option.
  3. Give Circleboom permission to access your Twitter account by tapping Sign in with Twitter.
  4. The click will direct you to the Circleboom dashboard.
  5. On the dashboard, click the, Unlike your likes button.
  6. You’ll see a page with all your likes in chronological order.
  7. Select all the tweets and click Unlike all to delete the likes.

However, the free version restricts you to 200 unlikes when mass deleting likes. You may have to pay to lift the restriction. 

Twitter Archive Eraser

The Twitter archive eraser app lets you bulk delete all kinds of tweets, including older tweets. Use the app to mass delete Twitter likes through these steps.

  1. Download and launch the app on your device. Download a version that’s compatible with your device.
  2. Tap Sign in.
  3. Enter your Twitter login details.
  4. Choose Authorize app. The authorization prompts a Pin Code. Enter the same code to let the Twitter archive erase to scan your Twitter account.
  5. Go to your browser. Access and log in to Twitter settings.
  6. Navigate to the Download archive and press the Request Archive button. Twitter will download your Twitter history to your device.
  7. Go back to the Twitter archive eraser and choose Delete Tweets.
  8. A new page will appear. Upload the downloaded archive. The app will choose all your Favorites (Twitter likes) by default.
  9. Tap Erase selected tweets or Delete selected tweets
  10. Tap Ok to complete the process.

The free version lets you delete 1000 likes only. It limits you to deleting like from the past 2 years. You can upgrade to the Basic, Advanced, or Premium versions. The Basic lets you delete 3000 likes from the past 4 years.

The Advanced version allows 10,000 unlikes from the past 4 years. Lastly, you can delete unlimited likes with the Premium version. 

Method 3: “Delete” Codes

If you understand coding and scripts, this may be a better option. There are many secret codes online you can use to mass delete likes. You can use these codes to unlike all your Twitter likes within seconds.

Github is the perfect place to source these codes.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, there are different methods and tricks to delete all the likes on your Twitter account. You can do it manually on Twitter or use third-party apps to help you mass delete these likes. Some of these tools are free. Others may charge a fee. But remember, some of these tools may pose a security threat to your Twitter account. So use them judiciously.


Can I recover deleted likes?

No, you can’t. Once you delete likes on Twitter, it disappears. Don’t use automated tools to bulk-delete your Twitter Likes if you wish to retain some of the likes.

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