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What Does “DT” Mean on Instagram?

What Does Dt Mean On Instagram Yahoo

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and found “#dt” on an Instagram feed or picture? Instagram introduced the “dt” feature in 2011 to give people an easy way of interacting with the audience and liking photos. If you want to discover the meaning of “dt” on Instagram, you are in the right place.

Quick Answer

The “dt” on Instagram implies double-tap. In essence, Instagram is more about posting pictures for your audience to view and like. Instead of having to click the love emoji to like a photo or post, Instagram introduced the “dt” feature where you double-tap the screen to like the post. Therefore, when you see the “#dt” on a post, it acts as a polite request for you to like the post and add to the likes.

The “dt” is just one example of the words used on Instagram. The article covers its usage examples and introduces other terms that relate to it. The article also covers tips on responding to “dt” on Instagram, keeping you updated with the latest social media slang terms.

What Does “DT” Mean When Used on Instagram?

One way of liking an Instagram post is by clicking the love/heart emoji icon at the bottom. Liking a picture act as a means of appreciation and love for the post. In 2011, Instagram stepped up its features by introducing the “dt” feature, where instead of having to click the love emoji icon to like a picture, one could double-tap the screen and achieve the same.

For instance, if you scroll on your favorite artist’s Instagram page and come across their recent post, double-tapping your screen while centered in the post will show the red color on the love/heart emoji. Implying you’ve liked the post. The “dt” feature came as a fun way of liking posts.

Where is the “DT” Feature Used on Instagram?

The main place is on Instagram posts. Often, you will come across a post, such as a picture with the “#dt” at the bottom. Alternatively, someone can send you a direct message with a link to their post, and the message contains the “dt” term. In such a case, the person informs you once you open the link and view the post to like it by double-clicking on it.

Furthermore, people such as editors or authors may post a publication or book and wish to dedicate it to someone. In this case, they add the “#dt” followed by the name of the person they dedicate to.

Most celebrities on Instagram post their pictures, and in their quest to get support and love from their audience, they add the “#dt”. Besides, some post comparison posts where you can see messages requesting you to double-tap to vote. It could be a comparison between products where you retweet in support of one product or double-tap to vote for the other.

Other Instagram Terms

Some other common phrases you can find on Instagram include:

  • TBH means being honest and is used in Instagram conversations when someone wants you to speak your mind freely.
  • DM – the phrase means direct message. When someone texts you DM, they tell you to text them directly.
  • DC – it means I don’t care. You can come across the phrase on Instagram edits or comments.
  • IB – it means inspired by and is commonly used by editors or artists when posting their work, then they add the #IB followed by a name.


Instagram phrases and acronyms are common. This post covered what the term “dt” means on Instagram. You will understand what the other person means when you see it in the future. Moreover, we discussed common usage examples and other popular Instagram phrases to keep you informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “#dt” mean on an Instagram Post?

The phrase means double-tap, and people add it to their posts to request their audience to give heart to their posts. Doing so is seen as a show of love and increases the number of likes on the post.

Is “DT” on Instagram Edits the same as on Instagram Posts?

For edits, “DT” may mean dedicated to, but on posts, it means double-tap.

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