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How Long Do TikTok Shadowbans Last?

How Long Do Tiktok Shadowbans Las

You are noticing that your videos aren’t getting the reach that they used to. Friends have told you they’re not seeing your content on their For You pages. You might be wondering: have I been shadowbanned on TikTok?

Chances are you are and can’t figure out how it happened and how long it will last. Well, there are several reasons, but essentially, it occurs when TikTok’s algorithm thinks you’re violating the community guidelines.

Quick Answer

The length of the shadow ban will depend on the severity of the offense that caused you to be banned in the first place. So, there’s no absolute answer for this; however, a typical shadowban lasts for two weeks to a month.

This informative post explores the TikTok shadowban in detail. It answers everything from why it happens, how to ascertain it’s happening to you to its duration and how to get unbanned. So let’s get some answers!

What Is a Shadowban on TikTok?

A shadowban on TikTok is when your account is restricted by the app so that only your existing followers can see your content. This means that new users who come across your profile will not be able to see any of your videos or posts.

You might wonder that this much is pretty self-explanatory by the term “shadowban,” but what exactly does the shadow part mean?

Essentially, it’s when TikTok reduces the visibility of your content without notifying you that they’ve done so. Because it’s an automatic process done by TikTok’s algorithm, it’s difficult to determine whether or not you’ve been shadowbanned.

Reasons You Can Be Shadowbanned?

Okay, let’s understand it this way; when you play any sport, you are supposed to follow a set of rules, right? And when you don’t follow those rules, you get penalized.

Similarly, TikTok has a set of community guidelines that every user is supposed to follow. When you don’t follow these guidelines, you risk getting shadowbanned.

Some of the prominent reasons why you might get shadowbanned are:

  • Posting inappropriate content: This is the most common reason for getting shadowbanned on TikTok. If you post vulgar content with offensive language or violence, you will most likely get shadowbanned.
  • Using banned hashtags: TikTok bans specific hashtags associated with inappropriate content. If you use these banned hashtags, your account will be restricted.
  • Spamming: TikTok doesn’t tolerate any spam. If you send too many messages, likes, or comments, or post like a bot, your behavior will be considered spamming, followed by a ban.
  • Using copyrighted music: If you are using copyrighted music without permission and have done it multiple times, your account is most likely to get restricted.
  • Shadowbanned by mistake: Yes, it’s very much possible! Maybe you posted something that TikTok’s algorithm misconstrued as inappropriate content. Another possibility is you were using a banned hashtag without knowing it. Or there was a glitch in TikTok’s system, and your account got caught in it.

Other reasons can also lead to a shadowban, such as following and unfollowing too many people in a short period, using a fake account, or buying fake likes or followers.

How To Know You Are Shadowbanned by TikTok?

It’s not easy to figure out if you’ve been shadowbanned or not because TikTok doesn’t notify users when they restrict their content. However, some signs can help you determine if your account has been shadowbanned:

  • The views on your videos are much less than before.
  • Your videos aren’t appearing on the For You page.
  • Your hashtag searches are not yielding any results.
  • People who you’ve shared your videos with can’t see them.
  • You are not able to upload videos. They will appear “under review” or “processing.”
  • A drastic decrease in likes, comments, or shares.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, there’s a good chance you’ve been shadowbanned.

How Long Do TikTok Shadow Bans Last?

The length of a TikTok shadow ban depends on the severity of the violation. So, there isn’t a definitive period for how long a shadow ban lasts. However, several users have reported that a shadowban typically lasts about two weeks to a month.

As we mentioned above, it’s the work of TikTok’s algorithm, and too often, it goes unnoticed until it’s too late. So, when you start to notice things aren’t working as they should, take a step back and check if you might have done something to violate TikTok’s guidelines.

Stop your activities for a while, and you’ll see some improvement in about two weeks.

Can You Avoid a Shadowban?

The fundamental way to avoid a shadowban is to follow TikTok’s community guidelines and play by the rules. Post quality content appropriate for the platform, use hashtags wisely, don’t spam, and don’t use copyrighted music.

If you do get shadowbanned, take a break from the app for a while and let TikTok’s algorithm do its thing.

Ways To Remove a TikTok Shadow Ban?

Unfortunately, there is no surefire method to remove a TikTok shadowban. Once TikTok’s algorithm has restricted your account, the only thing you can do is wait it out. Still, you can try some things that might help:

  • Uninstall and reinstall TikTok: This might help if there was a glitch in TikTok’s system that led to your account being shadowbanned. You can also try deleting your recent video or updating the app; reinstall it if it doesn’t work!
  • Switch to a pro account: If you’re using a personal account, try switching to a pro account. With a pro account, you have more options, access to analytics, and better reach, which might help you avoid getting shadowbanned in the future.
  • Delete any offending content: If you have videos or comments that might be inappropriate, delete them. This will show TikTok that you take their guidelines seriously and are willing to make changes.
  • Stop your activities: If you’ve been spamming or misusing hashtags, stop those activities immediately. This will help TikTok’s algorithm reset and hopefully remove the shadowban.
  • Wait it out: There is no set period for how long a shadowban lasts. But, usually, it takes a few weeks for the ban to be lifted. So, be patient, and eventually, your account will return to normal.


So that’s all about TikTok shadowban. We hope this informative post has helped you understand what a shadowban is, how to avoid getting one and how long it lasts.

Remember to follow TikTok’s community guidelines, play by the rules, and don’t spam. Post responsibly and have fun!

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