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How To Crosspost on Reddit

How To Crosspost On Reddit

There are several reasons you might be looking to know how to crosspost on Reddit, including increasing the number of visitors getting to your Reddit community and sharing the best content with as many people as possible.

In its simplest definition, crossposting is the act of sharing the same content across various social media platforms. Here, we are going to talk about crossposting with reference to Reddit.

Quick Answer

Crossposting on Reddit is a simple task that requires you to choose the post that you want to crosspost, select the “crosspost” option from the “Share” drop-down menu, and select the Reddit community (subreddit) where you want to crosspost the selected post, and hit the “Post/Request to post” button.

In the following section, we will explain how to crosspost on Reddit. After that, we will discuss the best practices to follow while crossposting.

How To Crosspost on Reddit

Crossposting on Reddit is a simple task. Open a web browser and go to Reddit. You can do crossposting on Reddit in just these four simple steps.

Step #1: Go to the Post You Want to Crosspost

Go to the subreddit page from where you wish to crosspost from, you can do so by:

  • Using the address bar of your web browser to type the address of the subreddit page manually.
  • Using the Reddit search bar.

Once the Reddit community page is open, click on the Reddit post you want to crosspost.

Step #2: Select the Crosspost Option

Below the post, you will see the option bar containing “Comments”, “Award”, etc. Hit the “Share” button to open the drop-down menu. It will have “Copy Link”, “Crosspost”, “Embed” and “Share To Chat” options. Select the “Crosspost” option. The post will now open in a new tab.

Step #3: Choose the Community to Crosspost To

In the new tab, click on the “Choose a community” option to open the drop-down menu. All the Reddit communities you’re a member of will appear on the “Your communities” list. Choose the community that you want to crosspost into.

Step #4: Finalize and Crosspost

Before you complete crossposting, there are some things you should do:

  • Alter the title of the post. It can be 300 characters at max and can’t be blank.
  • You can also add the “OC” (Original Content), “Spoiler”, and/or “NSFW” tags to the post that are present below the post.
    The availability of these tags depends on the community you’re posting to. The tags that aren’t available will be grayed out.
  • You must select a “Flair” (Reddit’s term for a category) for the post by clicking on the “Flair” option right next to the tags.
    The availability of post flair options depends on the community you’re posting to.
  • Uncheck the “Send me post reply notifications” option – unless you want to receive notifications.

Once you’re done with everything, it’s time to hit the “Post” button. If the community necessitates approval, you will see a “Request to post” option instead.

It will take a short while to complete crossposting, and once done, you can see it in the Reddit community you posted it into as a post with a “Crossposted by” tag.

And that’s all! You’ve successfully crossposted on Reddit. Crossposting is an easy and effective way of taking a post from one Reddit community and sharing it with another Reddit community with similar interests.

It is a great option to provide more exposure to the original subreddit post and the community where it is posted. The crosspost includes:

  • An embed of the original post.
  • Your username. (e.g., Posted by u/your_username)
  • The community you’re posting from. (e.g., r/community_name)
  • Your karma score.

These details help Redditors find the original source of the crosspost.

What Are Some Crossposting Best Practices?

The most important factor that makes or breaks your crossposting effort is the quality of the content that you want to crosspost. If the content isn’t good enough, no matter what subreddits you are targeting, there won’t be many fruitful outcomes.

Therefore, you must ensure that the post you’re aiming to crosspost contains quality and genuine content. Another important thing that you should ensure while crossposting is relevancy.

The content you are crossposting must be relevant to the community you are posting in. Otherwise, it might be considered spam. This can decrease the authority of the community you’re posting from and might even result in a ban.


In this article, we learned how to crosspost on Reddit, which is a straightforward but effective way of attracting more visitors and growing your community. Moreover, we also learned the best practices to follow while crossposting on Reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is crossposting?

It is posting the same message (or content) to different information channels. Crossposting on Reddit is the process of taking a post from one Reddit community and sharing it with some other Reddit community. It is a great way to reach new audiences.

What are platforms other than Reddit that allow crossposting?

You can crosspost on several social media channels. For example, Facebook and Twitter allow you to crosspost videos.

How is crossposting different from multiposting?

In multiposting, you post copies of multiple messages or content to various channels. In crossposting, you only post one content at a time.

Can I crosspost in any Reddit community?

No, you can’t crosspost in all Reddit communities. Some subreddits don’t allow crossposting. Moreover, you must be a member of the Reddit community where you want to crosspost.

How do I check a Subreddit for crossposting rules?

Each Reddit community has its own rules. It is highly advised to check these before crossposting. This is important because crossposting in a subreddit that disallows the same will lead your post to be deleted and might even result in a ban.

The crossposting rules for a Reddit community are available on the right side of the subreddit page. If they aren’t clear, you can message one of the community’s moderators to know more. The list of moderators is available just below the rules.

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