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What Does “ASL” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Asl Mean In Snapchat

For someone who enjoys chatting and sharing snaps, Snapchat is the ideal platform for that. There are millions of users on Snapchat, and the majority of them are teens who can’t keep calm when it comes to using abbreviations to mask their language.

While on Snapchat, you will likely encounter various abbreviations, leaving you confused if you don’t know what they mean.

Have you seen “ASL” on Snapchat?

Maybe your friend messaged you or posted the abbreviation on their Snapchat story. Whatever the case, knowing what “ASL” means is an advantage.

Quick Answer

“ASL” means “Age, Sex, and Location” and is used by teens when they want their Snapchat friends to disclose the three details when they want to know them better. So, if someone messages you ASL, they want to know your age, sex, and location.

There are various abbreviations used on social media platforms. We will cover why people love using abbreviations on Snapchat. Next, we will discuss what “ASL” means on Snapchat, giving examples where you can find the abbreviation used. Lastly, we will discuss common concerns users have about abbreviations on Snapchat.

Why Do People Use Abbreviations on Snapchat?

The majority of Snapchat users are teens. One thing about generation Z is that they love using terms that mask what they mean when texting. The main reason is to use coded language that the adults won’t understand to avoid interrupting their conversation.

Snapchat also has adult users, and what better way of masking your intentions when sharing a snap or posting something on a Snapchat story than using coded terms and abbreviations?

Moreover, abbreviations are used to fasten the texting process. Some terms are long, and people prefer using their abbreviations instead to save time and effort.

Also, some abbreviations and terms are imported from other social media platforms. If a given term like “ASL” is used on another platform like Instagram, don’t be surprised to find the same being used on Snapchat.

What Does “ASL” Mean on Snapchat?

“ASL” is an abbreviation for “Age, Sex, and Location” on Snapchat. The three items represented are crucial for Snapchat friends, especially teens, as they give them a sense of knowing someone if you know their “ASL”.

Furthermore, others use it during game chats where they dare each other to state their “ASL” or guess it, and if they get it right, something else or a reward is given. Where have you seen “ASL” being used on Snapchat?

Let’s have an example of how it can be used.

If your Snapchat friend texts you, “Hey, what’s your ASL?” they ask you to respond with your age, sex, and location. For instance, you can respond with, “23, Female, LA.”

Also, if you find someone posting on their Snapchat story, “DM with your ASL,” they are telling anyone who views their Snapchat story to reply by stating their age, sex, and location.

Other Popular Terms on Snapchat

ASL is not the only popular abbreviation you will find on Snapchat. Other abbreviations include:

  • AMOS: it means “add me on Snapchat” and is used when someone wants you to add them as your Snapchat friend.
  • BRB: when someone texts you “brb”, they are telling you they will “be right back” to resume snapping with you.
  • ILY: used when someone wants to tell you they love you.
  • HMU: it represents “hit me up” and is someone’s way of telling you to message them.
  • SU: means “swipe up” and is mainly used when someone adds a link and wants you to access it by swiping up the screen on your Snapchat story

There are many abbreviations you will find on Snapchat. Anytime you encounter an acronym, refer to this guide or look it up online and you will find its meaning.


This guide answered what “asl” means on Snapchat.

We’ve seen the various examples of how “ASL” can be used on Snapchat and discussed other common abbreviations you can find.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “ASL” on Snapchat?

“ASL” is an abbreviation used on Snapchat, and it means “age, sex, and location”. It is used when someone wants to know how old you are, your gender, and your current location.

Should I use abbreviations on Snapchat?

If you want to enjoy the coded language on Snapchat and your friends understand the abbreviations or terms you use, there is no harm in using them.

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