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How To Tell if Someone Has Ignored You on Messenger?

How To Tell If Someone Has Ignored You On Messenger

You may send a message on Facebook to someone and realize they are not replying, and maybe it is someone you used to chat with. Is that person ignoring you, or has the message not been delivered?

This can be a tricky question, but there are different ways you can use to tell if a person is ignoring you on Messenger, as indicated in this guide.

Quick Answer

The easiest way of telling if a person read your message and ignored it is if it receives double-blue ticks. One tick on Messenger indicates a message has been sent, and two ticks indicate a message has been delivered. When the color changes to blue, the message is read and ignored. Continue reading this post to discover more ways of knowing if someone has ignored you on Messenger.

Getting ignored on Messenger when your message is urgent is so boring. This guide has presented six ways to tell if a person is ignoring you on Messenger. Moreover, it has outlined what you can do when you realize someone is ignoring you on Messenger.

How To Tell if Someone Has Ignored You on Messenger

If a person ignores you on Messenger, there is no definite way of being sure of that. But the following six simple tricks have shown signs of someone ignoring you on Messenger.

A Message Receives Two Blue Ticks

Message Receives Two Blue Ticks

Facebook Messenger works in the same way as WhatsApp. When you send a message, it will indicate a single tick when it has been sent.

When the ticks change to two, the message has been received. If the color of the ticks changes to blue or their profile picture appears under your text, it means the message has been read.

Thus, if your message receives two blue ticks or you see their profile picture under your message without a response, the receiver may have chosen to ignore the message.

A Recent Last Seen

Recent Last Seen

Another critical feature of Messenger is indicating when a person is active on the platform. If you sent a message one hour ago and realized they were active five minutes ago, they may have chosen to ignore your messages.

It Has Been a Couple of Days

It is possible that a person briefly viewed their Messenger but had no time to respond to your message. But if some good days have passed since you sent a person a message and they have never replied, there is a high possibility they are ignoring you.

You can confirm if they are ignoring you when you see them active most of the time but have never received their response.

If a Person Is Active

Person Is Active

Another sign a person is ignoring you on Messenger is if they are active but not responding. It is okay when a person fails to reply immediately, but if you notice they are ever active but never respond to your messages, they may be ignoring you.

Their Profile Drops to Your Message

Profile Drops To Your Message

When you use the Facebook Messenger mobile app, you will notice a profile picture will get indicated beside a message when they read it.

The same case happens when you send a person a message. If their profile picture drops to your message without a response, it means they read the message but chose to ignore it.

Ask Another Person To Message the Person

If you are still unsure that a person is ignoring you on Messenger, you can ask another friend of yours to text them. If they receive a response while you have not received yours, it means the person is muting you; that is why they can ignore you easily.

What To Do if Someone Is Ignoring You on Messenger?

What will you do once you discover someone is ignoring you on Messenger? It is disappointing to find a person you are connected with is ignoring you, but such things happen. You don’t have to feel bad about it but accept it.

You can give the other person the benefit of the doubt and see if they will ever get back to you, but it is best to leave them alone. Respecting someone’s decision is the most honorable thing you can do, although it doesn’t make you happy!


Messenger is a popular platform that many users have adopted to catch up with family and friends. Sometimes you may send a person a message but discover they are not replying like they used to.

This guide has explained six simple tips you can use to find out if they are ignoring you and what you can do once you realize you are being ignored!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Tell When I Am Being Ignored on Messenger?

Messenger is a great messaging application; although there is no direct feature that will tell you have been ignored, there are simple tricks you can use to tell. One such way is seeing two blue ticks. Two blue ticks indicate a message has been read. Also, if you notice a person is ever active but never replies to your messages, they may be ignoring you.

Will a Person Be Notified If I Mute Them on Messenger?

No. Messenger never notifies a person when they have been muted on the platform. The mute option was introduced to ensure you are not notified of messages you don’t want to be notified of, and it remains known by you alone when you mute a person.

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