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Why Does Facebook Messenger Say I Have a Message?

Why Does Facebook Messenger Say I Have A Message

Facebook Messenger is a perfect application that has made communication seamless on Facebook.

Whenever you receive a message, Facebook Messenger will show the notification, ensuring you don’t miss urgent messages.

If you discover that Facebook Messenger indicates you have a message when you have none, read the guide to discover how to deal with the issue.

Quick Answer

When Facebook Messenger indicates you have a message, it means someone has sent you a message, and you need to read it. But, if you notice the notification is there, but there is no message to read, Facebook may be having glitches causing the error.

Facebook Messenger notifications can annoy you when there is no message to read. This guide has explained what it means when Facebook Messenger says you have a message and how you can get rid of the notification when you have no message to read!

Why Does Facebook Messenger Say I Have a Message?

Facebook Messenger has ensured you don’t miss important messages by sending notifications whenever you receive a message.

When you see the app indicating you have a message, it means a new person has messaged you, and if you have not opened Messenger, you should open it to see the message.

Some users have expressed frustration when they get a notification and realize no message exists. When such happens, the following reasons may cause the issue.

Reason #1: App Glitches

When you get a notification that you have a message but in the real sense there is no new message, it means Facebook Messenger has glitches causing the error.

Therefore, in such a case, you may need to take different actions, as explained in the following section, to deal with application glitches.

Reason #2: Random Message Request

Sometimes Facebook Messenger treats random requests as important notifications you should see.

When you receive such messages, they may need your approval to get delivered.

When a person has not yet connected with you, you won’t see their message until you accept it, but Facebook Messenger may show you that there is a message.

Reason #3: You Have Unread Messages

You may open your account on a device and forget to read some messages.

When the messages are not arranged in the order they are received, you may find it hard to know where the unread message is.

Therefore, you must ensure you have checked all messages in the archives because they may have unread messages.

Reason #4: Someone Posts a New Story

Facebook can sometimes annoy you when they force you to see the stories of your friends’ posts.

A friend of yours may post a story, and Facebook may end up informing you of the story through Facebook Messenger.

That can be annoying because you only want to see an important notification directly affecting you.

How To Get Rid of Facebook Messenger Notifications

When you don’t want to keep seeing the Facebook Messenger notification that indicates you have a message, you need to get rid of it.

The following are some of the ways you can use to put a stop to Facebook Messenger saying you have a message when you have none.

Method #1: Update Facebook Messenger

When Facebook Messenger indicates you have a message and there is none, and you think a glitch is causing the issue, you may need to update your app to ensure the glitches are solved.

Updating your Facebook Messenger application is easy:

  1. Open Play Store or App Store.
  2. Search for Messenger.
  3. Click the “Update” button.

Method #2: Uninstall Facebook Messenger

If Facebook Messenger continues showing the notification and it annoys you, you may go the extra mile to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Doing so enables you to fix any application glitches that may be making it indicate you have a message.

Method #3: Check Archived Messages

If you have a new message on your archived message, it may not be listed with other messages.

Thus, it is important to open the archived messages from the settings section and see if there is any unread message.

Method #4: Get Rid of Notifications for Facebook Stories

If you realize Facebook is indicating you have a message because someone posted a story, you may wish to get rid of such notifications, such that you are disturbed when you receive a direct message from your close friends or clients.

You can clear the notification by long-pressing on the story and then choosing to hide it or watch it.


Facebook Messenger can be helpful and annoying at the same time when they keep informing you have a message and there is none.

The guide has explained the possible reasons for making your Facebook Messenger indicate you have a message and how you can quickly handle the issue.

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